SSPX in Schism? No

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Michael Davies proves that the SSPX is a perfectly legal Society of Common Life for Clergy in the catholic Church. He demonstrates that the penalties announced by the Vatican in 1988 are null and void. This is part of a debate given in 1995 or so, … [More]

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Ben Martin
Greg, nice u know all that about Luther--do you think he would like the N.O. Mass too? For Luther had a problem with the Latin Mass. Maybe this would be a point that all could come together and unify and not divide each from other, but dialogue. Yes dialogue—talk and talk -- we all have so much more in common with each other now that our worships services is so similar. We can now have interfaith communion services and marriages.

I know the Lutherans hated the Latin Mass---but many in the last… [More]
Ben Martin
You are right St Ben--keep up the great work

My apologizes
Holy Cannoli
Benny wrote:

"I truly have given up on this site [], which gets more and more anti-Catholic by the day."

And yet, the contentious, insulting, perpetual whining neo-Catholic remains at Gloria.

I wonder why that is? [More]
Ben Martin
Yep you are right--no differences in the Latin and N.O. Mass. All is ok. They are so similar and both provide the same fruit. Full steam ahead with the Spirit of Vatican II and the New Mass---the fruit is so wonderful to smell.

Go back to the N.O. Opium Den of Illusion--you buddies are calling you--they are having a pig roast.
Holy Cannoli
Calling Benny a swine would be an insult to swine.

Ben Martin

None of this addresses the problem with the N.O. Mass or the V2 problems---it is like a drop in a bucket and actually acts like an opium to those demanding the return and restoration of the Faith—keep them in check. The Great Latin Mass is put on equal status with that of the hobo orphan N.O. Mass---this radical Mass will be corrected in the next century by the Church or officially declared invalid, once the ship of modernist move on. Church has always corrected herself in the past in … [More]
Ben Martin
St. Ben you give no proof that supports your claims--you only think a protestant services are Catholic because your local parish says it is. Good luck--it not worth me wasting my time--if this basic element does not make sense to you. That N.O. Mass and Latin Mass do not give the same fruit. What good is it for me to throw my pearls.
Ben Martin

That is all good in Theory and is how it should work—but if you look at the fruits of New Mass and V2 it does not work out that way in reality----why else the rotten fruit and great of Apostasy of the average Joe Catholic today and their hierarchy if these two animals are the same and both blessing of the Holy Ghost? Two style of worship---two style of belief.

For centuries the Mass was guarded and protected from all new novelties and radical changes and had only one form---… [More]
Ben Martin
St. Ben

Some of what you (faithful in general) call Catholicism today and accept as Catholicism---the Church clearly condemned and called Protestantism: 60, 100, 500, 1000 years ago. How can this be?? The old condemns the new.

Does not sound like progress but the art of compromise and conditioning and devil gaining ground. Look around you---you call this progress? It is the exact problems our popes have warned us about for over 300 years about the enemies of the Church being in the body of … [More]
Ben Martin
Those conservative New Priests are the fruit of V2 and the New Mass

White Sepulchers

When the Gold rust, what will the Iron do?

Common sense say there is a problem that resulted from both (V2 and N.O. Mass) and their radical changes are harmful to the soul---if you have to write 500 pages or set up a whole series of websites on why the New Mass is valid and legitimate. (How the square peg will fit in the round hole) Well then you have problems with your proof.

For God’s seamless… [More]
Ben Martin
What are the fruits of Vatican II??
I do not believe in corporal punishment for children but do realise that a father can become so grieved by a child’s wilful and ongoing disobedience that that child must regrettably be taken to their bedroom for a sound spanking. A disobedient child that cannot be reasoned with can cause great disruption to a family. Whenever the Society of St Pius comes before me, I see disobedience dressed up in fine religious garb.

At the very heart of the rift between the Vatican and the Society of St Pius… [More]
Vatican II was a Pastoral Council and not a Dogmatic Council, therefore what you need to believe to be a Catholic are the dogma's defined in previous councils: Council of Trent, Vatican I. The very pope who called the Council Pope John XXIII never, never desired Vatican II Council to subvert the doctrines of previous councils. As a matter of fact he desired the mass to be said in Latin. These misconceptions that are floating around only hurt the Church. Marcel Lefevre only rejected the abuses and novelties that resulted in the modernist interpretations.
We don't reject Vatican II.
Michael proves nothing if you reject the Vatican 2 and the popes authority. Your outside the church
holyrope1 the middle of this video, priest speaks of the SSPX

How Do You Respond To God In The Way You Live Your Life

Here is another novus ordo priest who interviews the Superior General, Bishop Felley of the SSPX.
Miss Maria
@kfarley.....what a great response! Love it.

Bless you holyrope1 !
This video is hillarious! Please everyone watch it! This is pro-SSPX and the speaker is making jokes and when the crowd applaudes he says, "you should not applaud somebody being schismatic!" It is like watching a pervese puppet show out of a childhood nightmare!
holyrope 1: Miss Maria: First of all, this is the position of the Church. When you have 1 priest such as I have, actually 2 but they don't work together, at the same mass. And a very full Church, because, they have brought numerous diocese together, because of the shortage of priests. There really is not much they can do. Because 1 priest cannot handle all the souls, that want the mass. I have no problem, with what Holyrope 1 is stressing. Holyrope 1 feels, as she expresses, its just because … [More]
There are many people I've talked with regarding receiving in the hands. Many there are who do agree and say, "I would rather receive on the tongue, because I think it is more reverent and that's how we were taught for centuries. Reason why they'll still receive in their hands? Because they want to be like everyone else. So if someone jumps off the cliff, you going to join them?

If any person who feels and believes that God would want to be received on the tongue and by consecrated hands only… [More]
Miss Maria
I am a little torn on this one, when I go to Mass I am so involved in the fact that we are about to receive the Eucharist that I am not sitting there wondering who is going to administer it to me. Sure, I rather go to the priest and receive the Eucharist from him, but I just can't fill my mind with thoughts of doubt and wonder if lay persons can or should administer while my mind and soul is focused on Mass.

What is the official word from the Vatican in regards to lay persons administering … [More]
Holyrope 1: I recieve the Eucharist, from unconsecrated hands, only when absolutly necessary. The Lord has told me, he can concecrate the Host from the floor, if he wants to. You have to be careful Holyrope 1 not to fall into the trap Martin Luther fell into. And that was he didn't like one thing, so he threw the baby out with the bathwater! We have to remember Holyrope 1, in the history of our beloved Church, we have had many schizms, and the new mass, is just another one, that will be … [More]
REVTHREE.....You mean you would still take communion from UNCONSECRATED HANDS??? After what you wrote, it is somewhat bewildering why you would settle to go with a lay person, when you can receive from CONSECRATED HANDS. Doesn't matter where you sit, come now....The Eucharist was NEVER MEANT TO BE HANDLED BY LAY PEOPLE. There is nothing to fear in crossing into another line or walking around in order to receive from a priest. Did you check out the names/addresses I gave you with Latin Masses in your state?
Whattosay: Well, I think, the majority vote has it, I totally agree, with all three of the previous comments.....I think, if you study the Church, after Vatican II, you will see a complete meltdown. And Holyrope1 didn't mention, gay priests, changing there Church colors to purple, or a malignant priest, squirting holy water, on there members with a giant squirt of those, real big ones....I think, they are called Super Soakers..... .....from what I see, the Church was warn… [More]
The SSPX do not clown, teddy bear, motorcycle, beach, magical, or gymnastic masses. If that is what your looking for, you can only find them at your local modern novus ordo masses nearest you. Happy findings, and pls call in advance as some parishes DO allow you to bring your pet to mass also! Why, is not that so darn thoughtful?
The SSPX has never been unfaithful to the Roman Catholic Church.
The SSPX has never been in schism.
Thee SSPX has never lost the Faith.
The Conciliar Church cut itself off from the Roman Catholic Church when it became a protestant Church and lost the faith.
What a closed mind you must have. How blind you must be. How deaf you must be.
The motto of Gloria TV is The Catholic the Better!
You cannot get more Catholic, True Catholic than the SSPX.
Pope Benedict XVI agrees.
This is Terrible!!! It Should be taken down from the website!! This has no place in a Roman Catholic Video website always faithful to the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings!!!