God is Bigger than Elvis

A serious and sympathetic documentary made by HBO focusing on the early 1960's actress Delores Hart who left Holyrood and joined the enclosed Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis and is now its … More

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Jesus is Lord God and Sabior
pray for me, Mother!
aloha and mahalo for the posting of this video - I saw the last few minutes of it on TV and then the channel stopped showing it. It was such a wonderful suprise to find it here and as I watched in my neuralgia headache began to fade quite a bit and I didn't even notice the neuralgia in my feet as I watched this video. I am so very grateful. aloha
I would love to understand more clearly what wire wrapper is trying to express. Thanks so much. I am pleased with the film. One wish is that sexuality not be understood as being of a higher order for the monastics than for those called to marriage but rather an "other" call and complimentary. After all making love truly makes love and marriage between man and woman is also a part of a third … More
I am sorry but somethings in this film I find a little bit disturbing. The consistent focus on sexuality (which doesn't surprise me comming from HBO), and the idea of needing to change how everything was. It is not to bad but knowing the producers of the film, they can make a nice looking film but it may have a liittle bit of subtle challanges to traditional Catholic views which can spoil the soup.
Andressa Holland
It's a beautiful movie and it makes we think about our life as a Catholic.
I wish this kind of movie were known by people and more disseminated, 'cause we have lot movies teaching us bad things and bad values that a movie like this would be so good to see on a big screen, for example, just to vary of what is shown.
Andressa Holland
Does anyone know if there are a version of this documentary with a portuguese sub?
I thought this was a very well done documentary. I was in my early teens when Elvis was starting to become popular in the mid 1950's. I was a fan of him and his music then, and I have continued to be a fan of his to this day. I am very impressed with Mother Prioress Dolores
Hart and her story presented in this documentary. I've heard that this documentary was nominated for an Academy Award, and … More
I remember her so well and she was a beautiful person and competent actress. Her love story is inspiring, not only her love for God, but also her long term relationship with her fiance, who never married and continues to visit her in the abbey. After all these years their relationship is still a strong love just as her love for God allowed her to give up so much. Delores Hart is humbling. I need … More
This is absolutely mind, heart and soul blowing. I am so inspired by Mother Prioress Dolores Hart's life story. As a woman, single mother and lawyer, she has renewed my faith that God truly IS everything.
Hi. Does anybody have the english subtitles to this film?
I absolutly loved this documentary. It is amazing how we forget than Nuns are people first. They think about a lot of the same things that we everyday people think about. And yes, they still make mistakes.
Hay algunos aspectos de este documental que no entiendo, y para evitar toda tentacion de criticar, voy a incluir en mis oraciones a todas las almas consagradas del mundo, como estas monjas benedictinas, para que Dios todo poderoso proteja sus vocaciones y su santidad, y ruego a San Benito Abad interceda por ellas y las mantega apegadas a la regla benedictina.
Hola como lopuedo conseguir subtitulado ??? muchas gracias y bendiciones