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ich hätte den segen auswendig gelernt....
Is this Rev. Kretschmar ordained by Archbishop Wolfgang Haas a few days ago (the same who ordained me deacon and priest)?
Of course the baroque style vestments fit very well into this splendid baroque church at Rome.
holyrope 3
How wonderful to have a son become a priest! Deo Gratias!
Well.... the Gothic vestments are really Gothic styled vestments NOT the original gothic vestments......

What UNITATE is saying is that the architecture of this Church is Italian Baroque and therefore the Baroque fiddle-back fits the architecture and ornamentation of the Church, rather than the Gothic (which would suit Saint Denis in Paris or St Michael's Dom, Koln).
The ornate is splendid in every case. Better than the most "modern" ornates worn by the priests today.
It's difficult to wear gothic ornates because of their age. Mainly they end in museums and were conservated there.
Where do you see that it's a baroque ornate? And where do you see that it fits better into the church?
the baroque fit in better into this chruch-but i dont like them very much,too.
I wonder if Gothic vestments would ever be worn.....