Are Only A Few Saved?

holyrope 3
Excerpts from the Sermon of St. Leonard of Port Maurice.

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Rhemes1582, be blessed for your post
God have mercy on our souls, thank your Holyrope3 for this convicting post.His grace and love fill you as you post each video
holyrope 3
The SSPX will always speak about the necessity of confession, and divorce, contraception, homosexuality, abortion, sex before marriage..etc. After years of attending the Novus Ordo, I never heard them speak on any of these subjects...other than pro-life, when the parish was doing something that month in regards to the pro-life movement.
I mentioned one day to my confessor, a lot of saints in your church Father to which he replied, what do you mean? I told him, when I come to confession on Saturday, I see only a handful of people, yet on Sunday mostly all the Church receives communion. This was a Novus Ordo parish of course. He agreed with my assessment but really offered nothing else. None of us can be most certainly saved as the Protestants think. I can't remember the last time any priest -including traditional priests- gave a homily on the importance of confession.