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Francesco Federico
Mais ce qui fait plus mal à l'âme du croyant est le mépris pour la sainte Eucharistie démontré par les plus hautes autorités de l'Eglise:

Look what happened during Papel Mass of Pope Francis las...

Domine, miserere nobis!

Tohle požehnal biskup Cikrle společně ze socana na Petrově ve čtvrtek 6.6.2013

Stálo to věřící lid 2,5 milionů korun. Sbírka byla v neděli na "Boží Tělo"

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So los modernistas, los mismos que apoyaron el concilioII y quieren ahora el matrimonio para los sacerdotes, el sacerdocio para mujeres, democracia en la iglesia, etc, etc etc.
Michel-René Landry
This is a Latin liturgy reference:

Latin mass:
The Latin mass! Who wants to hear the truth???
Ascent of Mt. Tabor: Latin Mass - Ascent of Mt. Tabor By Fr. Calvin Goodwin
Latin mass study: Latin Mass Study Pt 1 Rev Justin Nolan FSSP
Latin mass study: Latin Mass Study Pt 1 Rev Justin Nolan FSSP

Extraordinary form of the mass explain:
Fr. Goodwin's Spiritual Commentary on the Mass

Summorum pontificum
Spread this letter. [More]

You should see the statue the Americans gave France to put up in the Normandy World War II Memorial Cementary. Our tour guide said France didn't want to put it up but they wanted to thank America so they did it because they think we like it. The statue looks like some gay guy dancing around kind of nude. Sure wish I never went there to visit those heros. It makes me sick to think about it.

Chuck Lentine
(GOD'S Cowboy)
@Ehrmann- Ich habe noch nie die Monstrosität in Wien, das Sie verwiesen wurde. Aber ich will nicht krank werden, damit ich ablegen wird. Ich denke, wie Schönheit, die hässliche hat auch ein Kontinuum, und wir sehen dies entsprechend Dantes Inferno mit seiner hierarchischen Kreisen der höllischen Böse ... und Hässlichkeit. Als ich zuerst nach Regensburg Bayern in den 1980er Jahren war ich Agnostiker. Eines Tages beschloss ich, in den Dom St. Peter in Regensburg, die im Mittelalter gebaut wurde, … [More]
Da haben Sie die Katholische Krankenhauskapelle des Allgemeinen Krankenhauses in Wien nicht gesehen - eine Bombendarstellung "beruhigt" da die Hilfe und Trost Suchenden, der Tabernakel ist in eine Ecke verbannt, die als entlegener Ruhepol der Ostkirche gewidmet ist. Mir wurde berichtet, daß diese Kapelle bereits Alpträume hervorgerufen hat, was absolut vorstellbar ist. Dagegen ist die hier gezeigte Kunst gera dezu hochwertig.
This Modern art in the church is banal, trivial, deformed in principle, and boring. In a word ugly! It flows from erroneous modern theology and philosophy. They should look for artists with real talent and inspired by a solid Catholic faith to fill any new churches to be built, or if that isn't possible, then make facsimiles of past great works, such as Michelangelo or Rafael. This eye-disease is not art, nor will it convert anyone or lift the heart and mind to God because only glorifies man.
semper catholicus
An den Früchten werdet ihr sie erkennen?
Mancava il crocifisso tanto caro a Papa Francesco.
Silberkreuz - Papstkreuz?
lux et veritas
Nothing good can come from the novus ordo (new order) mass. These are all signs of it.
Francesco I
Si parla di povertà della Chiesa, e si spendono milioni di euro per costruire questi orrori invece di conservare ed esaltare la Tradizione.

....and worshipers are preparing the throne for antichrist :
Their hatred to our Lord's Church is so deep that the only thing in their heart is jealousy, pride, and hatred. Others I know which are an anti Catholics also believe that all religions are not true and only their believe are the truth.
Poor them. They are in my prayers too.
Dämonen in der Kirche...
...!!! Que pena y tristeza :( :( ...
Señor ten piedad, porque no saben lo que hacen, ...
When people see this modern ugliness in their Churches, do they not wonder too about the modern mass? Do they not contemplate these modern changes and see what they truly are and where they come from? We must ask ourselves that and we must educate one another about these abuses. And the abuses taking place in the modern mass...This is why we can be sure of giving all glory and honor to our Lord assisting at the traditional Latin Mass, where there is no room for abuse. But only beauty and reverence.
Michel-René Landry
Jesus Christ has been crusified on the cross on the mont of Calvary for us. So the cross has to be proprely shown in the sanctuary where the mass is. It is not a theatre. It is the sacrefice of Jesus on the cross that happen during the mass on a unbloody mater.

unio oratiónem
una voce dicentes...
deo gratias!!
Michel-René Landry
Is their any one that can translat in German what i'm going to right?
" The art that are in the Church has to have a dignity and a clear definition. The truth is clear. God is clear. So the art has to be with clear represatation and with dignity. Their has been a wave of "Free for all" in the church. And it is not proper to what god want. Our filings and God will, are not the same thing. I'm sorry for the direct truth. But that "Free for all" has to stop completely."

unio oratiónem
una voce dicentes...
deo gratias!!
Profanations,blasphèmes,souillures,rien n'épargne,pas même l'église, l'Image de Notre Seigneur... Le pire c'est que refuser celà, nous fait passer pour des intégristes rétrogrades ! Hé bien,soit !
Michel-René Landry
I will not tolerate people that have something against a nother people on this site. If you have something to say to them, talk to them in person. Comment on the video! Please! Thank you!
Merci Michel vous avez raison. "Pénitence!, pénitence!, pénitence!" criait l'Archange Saint Michel à Fatima [More]
Michel-René Landry
Je ne tolérerais point les gens qui sont contre d'autre gens sur ce site. Si vous avez de quoi a leur dire, parler leur en personne. Et commanter sur la video. S.V.P! Merci!
Michel-René Landry
La raison a laquelle je propage s'est video, est pour montrer la réalitée des dommages qui a eu dans l'église. Je ne met pas s'est vidéo pour pointé du doit a tel et tel personne.
Je suis Catholique et je suis responsable de la sainte église Catholique. Et s'est la même chose pour tout les Catholique. Qu'est ce qu'on fait pour notre église?

S'est très facile de détruire une édifice, mais de la rebâtir, sa prend le temp qu'il faut avec patience. Nous ne pouvons avoir du jour au lendemain tout … [More]
Troisième secret
C'est une véritable mascarade. Mais que dire de la croix tordue utilisée par les derniers pontifs...
Les exemples sont innombrables et j'en ai même trouvé au St Sépulcre dans la partie tenue par les franciscains. Les exemples sont...légions
Tristesse, consternation, colère, dégoût...
Michel-René Landry
tbswv Thanks for your comment. That is exactly why i'm posting this series of videos. But don't worry. At the end of the series, it will be a full joy to see the resurection of the Catholic church.
Its really easy to destroy a building, but to rebuild it again, it tack time.
The reality is their has been alot of damage insid the Church and out. Those thing happen to show us as Catholic that they is nothing that we can do without God.
I'm Catholic and i am responsible of the Catholic church. … [More]
At Pope Paul vi hall in Rome. Check out the Hideous sculpture of Christ. Frightening.…/Resurrection-sc…
Spina Christi
D'autres "représentations anti-catholiques" ?

Disons plutôt d'autres manifestations antichrist tolérées encouragée par (-une certaine-) l'Église :

- Poulets "vaudous" décapités sur l'Autel de Sainte Claire
- Statue de bouddha posée sur l'Autel (à la place de la Croix du Seigneur, "virée" pour l'occasion) dans l’Église Saint Pierre
- Chants islamiques dans l’Église "de la Résurrection" (niée par l'islam !)

Seigneur, prend pitié de nous !
Not even the Roman pagans adorned their "altars" with hideous figures such as these. These artist renditions mock our Blessed Lord. The world will hate you because it hated me. These are not Catholic Churches but temples to Satan. Thanks for this eye opener. BTW: if you enter into a Catholic Church and our Lord is not front and center in the Most Blessed Sacrament, Flee!
Das ist Verhöhnung alles Heiligen, Satanskunst pur!
Nicht zu vergessen, dieses Schmuckstück im Wiener Stephansdom:

Dämon im Stephansdom

(Vienna cathedral)
Michel-René Landry
Tipping Point
If you did't see the Tipping point: / Si vous n'avez vue Tipping point:

unio oratiónem / Union of prayer/ Union de prière
una voce dicentes... / One voice.... / D'une seul voix
deo gratias! / Laus tibi Christe!
Frightening pictures...
The novus ordo demolition..