Alive Hologram Jesus Christ Shroud Turin Second Face Discovered

'' and they shall see His face '' Revelations 22.4 Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello has made the greatest discovery in Shroud history since 1898 by Secundo Pia by processing and revealing the alive face of Jesus Christ from the second … [More]

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We have landed on Mars. Praise God Almighty for All Glory is His. Yes I am very happy that he chose me a poor humble sinner to make the greatest discovery in Christianity since Secondo Pia in 1898. I feel like getting drunk and then falling asleep !!!! Vincenzo Giovanni Ruello
Appreciate the photograph of Jesus Christ. The back markings were not like the front which are clear and intense. I have lost a lot of sleep over the past week working on giving you the best I can. It is a miracle we are seeing what we are seeing.
Shroud Of Turin reveals great secret
I just want to let you know I was an Artist with a Master degree who taught at a small university for a brief time and I see and recognize your technique. It is not just some kind of distortion. You really need to have a DNA test on the cloth! From recent discoveries in Eucharistic Miracles and from the Shroud of Turin itself, it has been determined that the blood type that occurs is AB. If the Veil has this kind of DNA blood it could very well give definitive proof.
Second face discovery storm building I am under attack