Barack Obama says -"We are no longer a Christian nation."

Israel went into Babylonian captivity when they turned from the LORD God to accept and worship pagan gods. Barack Obama wants us to accept pagan gods as being equal with our LORD Jesus Christ and His Holy Word, the Bible. Mr. Barack Obama, please … [More]

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You say that Obama is a Christian? ...why is it then that he does not support Christian values or stand on God's truth? why do you suppose that he is more concerned about the consequences of not being politically correct instead of the concequences of not obiding by the laws of God's Word? ...example, his support of abortion or his support of gay marriage. Are these things not in direct opposition of what God teaches in His Bible?
He's right!
In fact we never were. America was founded on Protestant Christian values. Without the Catholic Church America is doomed! America wasn't founded on freedom of religion but freedon from "THE" religion. Obama is just a very good protesting christian/protestant. He interprets the Bible the way he wants to. He is SAVED, and nothing can seperate him from the love of God. Just ask him, he would tell you.