How far have we come in the negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X.? 18 2
Interview with the secretary oft the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei prelate Guido Pozzo concerning the negotiations with the Fraternity of St. Pius X. and the Old Mass.
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I am discerning a vocation with the Society of Saint Pius X, so I'll be watching these events with great interest.
@SBpfu - Indeed! The Benedictines at Norcia are a sterling example of the what Sumorum Pontificum meant; the coexistance of the two Forms of Holy Mass. In the French Solesmes Congregation there is also such a thing, but no a permanent fixture; Liguge and Kergonan would have Missa ad orientem (OF) in Latin 'on occasion' and the 1962 Mass (EF) on occasion as well, e.g. Mass of Low Sunday. … More
@SBpfu - Hi .... Quite, many choose not to READ the Holy Father's writings and are stuck in anachronistic writings which, no doubt, one discovers to be pre-Vat.II and circumstance-conditioned. However, there are those who just think with a paucity of knowledge about the subject. Thanks for educating us chum.
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@REVTHREEVS21.... What do you think can be done with the many priests, pastors and even bishops who try to refuse someone communion because they are kneeling, or because they wish to receive on the tongue? What should be done with the pastors who tell the faithful (including 1st communicants) that there is only one way to receive, and its in the hands while standing? What should be done with … More

First Lefebvre was excommunicated not for his, in my opinion, odd ideas on tradition nor for his reasonable suggestions on other theological issues but for ordaining Bishops without Vatican approval.
The situation was not grave. First the Novus Ordo is valid and hence even if Rome had moved to completely ban the Tridentine Mass it would not have been a grave problem.
But … More
“Traditionalists”: It’s not about the Latin Mass

When you listen to “Traditionalists” they always talk about the Latin Mass and how horrible the Ordinary Form(OF) is and how wonderful the Extraordinary Form(EF) is.

They even justify attending illicit Masses and disobeying the Pope because the Latin Mass, more properly the EF, must be preserved!

That’s hokum of course. Because if their beef … More
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@Jitpring..."Doctrine is never to be compromised."
Again and again, Bishop Fellay and others of the SSPX have stressed that there are no "negotiations" going on. In other words, it's not a matter of reaching doctrinal compromise. There are discussions happening, not negotiations. Doctrine is never to be compromised.
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Hello Dear Father Worthley!
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Father is another witness of the disobedience of those clergy who have and still do create the new mass according to their own desires and "creativity".

May the Church be once again raised up by a Holy Clergy who will defend, protect and live out the True Catholic faith. A clergy who will love the traditions of Holy Mother Church and live it through their example.

www.latinmasstime… More
This is just wonderful - a beautifully balanced view and discussion of the whole liturgical crisis in the current Lex Credendi-Lex Orandi praxis.

However, I kept seeing that the English questions refering to the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass in the Roman Rite, said "Latin Mass". I wish to point out,cvm magnis viribvs,that the Roman Rite, according to Sacrosanctvm Concilivm (Vat.II) and Pope … More mentioned this post in How far have we come in the negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X.?.