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ľubica mentioned this post in Kardynał Burke w Licheniu..
We have many bishops who teach catholic teaching... Communion when kneeling and on the tongue..
We don't have bishops who teach Communion on hand...
So why we don't have respect when we want to have our Communion kneeling?
Why priests are upset and abusive when we kneel?
I did not see one bishop who would teach to have Communion on hand.. show me one link!
Two things leap out in reading below:

One is the defending the N.O. solely because it is "valid." There is much in the way of liturgy that is valid but nowhere near worthy of our Lord. I've never seen any other basis upon which modernists defend the N.O. that holds water.

Second, as sure as the sun rises, the liberal/modernist will in the end resort to assailing anyone who disagrees with him by impugning his honesty, integrity, even sanity. Disgraceful.
holyrope 3…/lasalet.html

Church approved LaSalette Message...what we are living through today.
Mi dispiace, non conosco altre lingue, oltre l'italiano ed il francese...
Not quite...... when we leave behind knowledge we enter the world of superstition and divination! Knowledge fuels prayer which fuels knowledge and faith. It canot be left out of the dynamic. If it is omitted, like I said, we descend into superstition and divination!
I agree with ACLumsden. Only tradys, aka heretics, agree that with the Sedevaticanists
WHY O WHY PRAY TELL!!! are you chaps continuing to engage this mentally ill man [trady] on the website????? The mind simply boggles at this utter display of non-intelligenciae and volleys to and fro of mentally challenged repartee!! You do this man NO favours in encouraging him in his dimentia..... CEASE AND DESIST!! For the love of God, do!!
Trady, you state the "seat is vacant". I respectfully disagree; there's a shortage of PRIESTS but no shortage of POPES!
Trady, you have alluded to the Papal See being vacant. Would that be since the death of Pope Pius XII or Pope John XXIII? Are “Pope Pius XIII” or “Pope Michael I” true popes?
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@rhemes said:

"Invalid and Not a Sacrifice should not be on the list" (re: New Mass)

yes Rhemes, "it should Not be on the list"....but sadly it IS! Did you see the interview with Francis Cardinal Arinze when he said "Today one would have to question whether some of the New Masses is valid." And I have heard this said by numerous priests, Believe me. This is not saying all New Masses are … More

please change your opinion about the new mass you don't have too like the new liturgy but it is

valid and the representation of the sacrifice of the cross where Christ offered himself a Victim to god (Ephesians 5:2)
When I was a sedevacantist. I never found the arguments for the
Novus Ordo to be invalid to be true.
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The Latin Mass has returned and is growing; and will continue. Deo Gratias!

Enough is Enough with the New much more of the Abuses will Our Dear Lord Tolerate? It Must Stop!
Outstanding and correct analysis, however we cannot stay without Peter.
My compliments for your speculative and liturgical knowledge. Erasmus39.
I certainly agree with the Cardinal on abortion but there is much more to what happened after Vatican II/Novus Ordo:
@CatholicLiturgy - Bravo that man!! According to Dr Fortesque on the origins of the Roman rite, what we see and experience in the 1962 Mass will be recognised by all peoples in the 17th and 18th Centuries - 1570....they would recognise it with questions about the Last Gospel, the Chants AND the ceremonial. Anything before this would be regional, e.g. the Sarum Rite in the UK, Notre Dame in Paris,… More
Excellent interview. There is, however, an unfortunate error in Cardinal Burke's historical review of the Extraordinary Form. "...the rite going back to practically Pope Gregory the Great." The form of the EF used today does not go back to Pope Gregory the Great. As a matter of fact, it looks very little like the rite celebrated in the time of Gregory I. There have been multiple, and at times … More
ana casper
This is an excellent interview of Cardinal Raymond Burke. Without question, His Eminence is a great leader in our times. Let's all keep him in our prayers.
- Father Jason Worthley
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Among the atrocity of abortion, which must cry out to the ends of the earth in defense of God's innocent and defenseless children....we hope and pray that our Holy Father will Mandate that Communion be received on the tongue while kneeling only.

you state; "now being short of helpers, insecurity resides especially in the older communicants. In this case I would not consider the …
Mychèle Amberg
Most Reverend Eminnence,
Congratulations of your enlightning interview. Please allow me to bring a point. If the practice of'' communion in the hand'' is considered to be irreverent for sacred things, I think that in the New mass, many communicants use this practice mainly because of ignorance. Therefore, it would be appreciated to be informed by the celebrant of the proper way.
In the past, … More
Dante Rocha
Disculpen, por lo poco que entiendo ingles, me interesa esta entrevista. ¿Alguien sabe de algún lugar en la web en el que lo pueda encontrar traducido al español? Gracias desde ya.
exactly as cannoli states, this is diplomatic tactics. but if the bishops chose not to obey, all this diplomacy will end up nowhere - and so they have chosen. so who will put any pressure on them, if even rome refuses to do so? it is of course the same problem with the words of the consecration, but i agree that in matters concerning the protection of the unborn, the problem shows even more violently.
Holy Cannoli
Most Reverend Eminence,

This was the first time I have ever heard you speak and I now have a better understanding why you were chosen to be Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura in Rome which is categorized as the highest judicial post in the Church short of the Holy Father himself. You are a scholarly man obviously grounded in Scholastic theology, diplomatic, mild mannered with a profound … More

Lose members? The catholic church has lost hundreds of millions of members worldwide BECAUSE of V2. The province of Quebec went from 90% catholic to 4% attendance with a very anti-catholic stance because none of them actually understand Catholic Teachings anymore.

Meanwhile The Society of St. Pius X has grown from one Archbishop and few priests to over 1 million members and continuein… More
Hello good folks!

I am Brazilian, read well english but am not fluent on it, so cant understand 100% the discourse of our deared speaker.

Where are the subtitles? =) Youtube has technology to put subtitles automatically and it help very much some persons like me. =)

Good energies for all and Happy New Year,
Rodrigo Cesar Banhara
Grazie del video molto interessante e da far conoscere.chatolic prayers radio
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The traditional (extraordinary) Latin Mass is offered in the same manner Everywhere. It does not vary from priest to priest and from church to church. This is so because the Catholic faith is the same everywhere, and that true unity of faith must be reflected in a true unity of worship as well. It should be clear that the traditional Mass is absolutely faithful to Catholic teaching and the New … More
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"The use of the Latin language, customary in a considerable portion of the Church, is a manifest and beautiful sign of unity, as well as an effective antidote for ANY CORRUPTION OF DOCTRINAL TRUTH"

Encyclical On the Sacred Liturgy by Pope Pius XII 1947

Church Teaching on Women Assisting at Mass:

"Pope Gelasius in his ninth letter (chap. 26) to the bishops of Lucania Condemned the Evil practic…
holyrope 3
re: the extraordinary form,..the traditional Latin Mass..Cardinal Burke states....

"It's all together positive",

couldn't agree with him more!

"The faithful that assisted at the extraordinary form,...there was a wonderful spirit; there was an enrichment among the faithful."

Yes, there definitely is!

"The Holy Father is giving a very clear lesson by his own insistence that the faithful receiv… More

'Latin' does not define the Extraordinary Form, since the Novus Ordo can also be said in Latin. With regards Vatican II, one has to go back to what Vatican II actually taught, instead of a popular conception of what it taught. Here's what the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium states:

"36. 1. Particular law remaining in force, the use of the Latin language … More
The Holy Mass in Latin with back to people whispering the prayers is wrong
and we will lose many members. The Vatican 11 was corect in making the
Ordinary Mass in the language of the people.

I really really like this Cardinal.

That said, I hasten to add, long live Pope Benedict XVI.