Chicago cathedral hosts gay ‘meet-up’ group led by ‘gay’ priest-masseur

Fr. Guimon is listed on the 'Gay Body Workers' website as a professional masseur who does 'Man to Man Body Work.'
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Dr Bobus
And lax Catholics (incl popes) lack the Truth of God. Acc to the 4th Gospel the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Truth--Spiritus Veritatis. I like St … Mere
speaking of whitened sepulchres, what of the decadent clergy including upper hierarchy? What's he doing about that?
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Tell Bishop McElroy to no longer employ "married" homosexual man

Aaron Bianco unapologetically defies Church teaching
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And Rew
Church need cleaning from within (from inside? sorry English not my language). Too many wolf in sheep clothing made nests within OUR Church
The church needs cleansing .
“Cardinal Sandri, the Prefect of the Oriental Congregation, said oriental youth want clear teaching, and authentic, radical witness even to death.”

Synod Father: Teach Life Issues With Greater Clarity Than Ever

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier warns against ideological colonization while Cardinal Leonardo Sandri says young people in the East want clear, a...
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Sunamis 46
Even at that times, the one women did not want to pray the one with the elbow on the table
Too bad Rev. Sheen embraced Vatican II and its changes.
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Why Bishops Are So Eager to Normalize Homosexuality

This Will Be the Outcome of the Youth Synod The Italian journalist Marco Tosatti predicted yesterday the outcome of the ongoing Youth Synod. It will be – quote - “a Catholic Church ever closer to … Mere
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Sunamis 46
Why??? Because🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
The church needs cleansing from the filth of the world
I was fired from the college for striving to uphold the Church's teaching on homosexuality

This is what happens to "disturbers of the [false] peace"

Trying to live a Catholic life & addressing Catholic issues, investigating sacred Scripture in the light of Dei Verbum, social issues & theology
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Let us pray for the end of this nightmare being imposed by deceiving evil
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Amen, Pope Francis, the Lord "Wants a Change"

"The Lord wants a change in the Church”, Pope Francis told 28 Jesuits he met in Vilnius nunciature during his trip to the Baltic states (LaCiviltaCattolica.com, October 17). Unsurprisingly, Francis …
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What we need is good sheppards to guide ,protect ,and teach the Truth of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ ,not secularism and world evil idiologie… Mere
The change the Good Lord may want is for His Church to start living the faith and abiding in all its teachings that are already in place.
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In Rome, the LGBT lobby was set in motion against this manifesto

In Rome, the LGBT lobby was set in motion against this manifesto called "Homophobe". Only a man and a woman can procreate. Only a father and a mother are parents. Nature is not "homophobic."
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We catholics want to follow the Truth of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ ,and not world deceiving idiologies

CHINA-VATICAN More than before: persecution continues in Wenzhou, Henan, Hubei after the China-…

Cross and boundary wall of Lingkun church torn down. A cross demolished in Zhumadian in Henan. It was "too visible". Re-education of priests in …
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Sunamis 46
That was to be expectet
After quiet 8-month fight with lung cancer, Saginaw’s +Joe Cistone (a Philly native) died unexpectedly overnight at 69

Saginaw Catholic Bishop Joseph Cistone dies after cancer battle

He died at home.
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Sunamis 46
Rest in peace Lord have mery on him Mere

Ave Maria U president who criticized Cdl. Burke, Archbishop Viganò announces resignation

He faced backlash over his comments on Vatican whistleblower Viganò, and later apologized for criticizing Cardinal Burke.
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Sunamis 46
He is going becaus he talked negative about cardinal burke And he just noticed it Mere
we need more Viganos
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Special cross created for the upcoming World Youth Day in Panama in January

This afternoon the Pope receives the WYD Cross of Panama.
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Sunamis 46
The scripts say nothing abput a rainbow coloured cross- jesus did not carry a rainbow voloured cross to kalvaria
Gesù è con noi
Los masones como Bergoglio odian la Cruz de Cristo por eso Bergoglio utiliza cruces masónicas y férulas blasfemas en rebelión contra el crucifijo.
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One man speaking up because... Pope Francis

Written by Eric Sammons An old friend recently wrote to take me to task for my criticism of Pope Francis. She said she was “in shock and almost traumatized” by my writings. She didn’t believe …
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Sunamis 46
Critize is the word that is used, for discriminate people that tell the truth Mere
Sunamis 46
Do never make your believe or faith depenting on f1 Francis 1 what he says ir does- He will be judged for it Not we- We are only judged for our sins- … Mere

Two More High-Ranking Papal Appointees Implicated in Alleged Misconduct - OnePeterFive

Pope Francis has once again found him at the center of scandal after two of his most high-ranking appointees have been implicated in misconduct …
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EWTN praises dancing girls at Mass

EWTN News Nightly on October 16, 2018
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Men should be lining up to marry women like she is, beautiful and full of love
Courageous, beautiful, saintly, and accurate. May we pray she chooses a man as strong, loving and selfless as she to be husband to her and father to … Mere
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Imam to preach Eucharistic sermon at University Church, Oxford

Does this Imam accept the divinity of Christ? What will he preach?
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The heretical and schusmatic Church of England is nearing death. Joe Moslem just wants to see the next mosque.
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Church's Moral Doctrine Is "Clear" – Cardinal Sarah

The Church’s teaching including in the area of sexuality may not be shared by everyone, but this doesn't mean that it should be changed or is unclear, Cardinal Robert Sarah said at the Youth Synod. …
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alex j
My wife and I often wonder just how many Cardinals/Bishops are of the calibre of Cardinal Sarah? Cardinal Burke, to be sure. Bishop Schneider, … Mere
Thank God for Cardinal Sarah...