Aug 28 - Homily - Fr Peter: Holiness, Not Highest

Whether a priest, religious, married or single, strive for holiness, not to always be the first or greatest, for they will be put in their place while the humble will be given the highest places forever in heaven. Ave Maria! Mass: 22nd Sunday in …
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Aug 27 - Homily - Fr Angelo: Precious Tears of Parents

St. Monica prayed for thirty years for St. Augustine's conversion with abundant tears and her prayers were answered above and beyond her expectations. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Monica - Mem Readings: 1st: sir 26:1-4, 13-16 0 +++ For mp3 Audio of this …
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Aug 26 - Homily - Fr Angelo: The Joy of Mary

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Mary's joys were reflected on by St. Francis, especially the joy of Christmas. As Franciscans we have been given the Rosary of the Seven Joys or "Franciscan Crown" to share Mary's joys on earth so that we can share Her everlasting joy with Jesus in …
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Video – Time to Crown the Queen? – MNOW 34

Dr. Mark Miravalle points to the request by Our Lady to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque to have France consecrated to Mary as a means to discern whether it is time to have have Mary crowned as Queen. For more information and resources: Phone: 740-937-2277 …
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Aug 25 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Heaven not Harvard

Fr. Ignatius on the advice of King St. Louis IX of France to his son to put God first, to get to heaven and to not be focused on worldly glories. He translates this to a modern family as "Heaven not Harvard." Ave Maria! Mass: St. Louis - Opt Mem …
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Aug 24 – Homily – Fr Elias: St. Bartholomew and the Word of God

Fr. Elias on how Jesus the Word of God called his apostle St. Bartholomew using many word plays that sheds so much light on the supernatural knowledge of Christ and the limited knowledge and ability of the apostles and thus how much of a miracle it …
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Aug 22 - Homily - Fr Peter: Perfect Queen and Mother

Mary is Queen because Jesus is King and they can never be separated. She is the perfect Queen because She is the perfect Mother. Ave Maria! Mass: Queenship of Mary - Mem Readings: 1st: isa 9:1-6 Resp: psa 112:1-8 0 Gsp: luk 1:26-38 +++ For mp3 Audi…
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Aug 21 - Homily - Fr Peter: We Are Travellers

Remember that we are travellers in this life and need to keep focus on walking in the footsteps of Jesus in order to make it home to the everlasting joys of heaven. Ave Maria! Mass: 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday Readings: 1st: isa 66:18-21 …
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Aug 20 - Homily - Fr Angelo: St. Bernard

St. Bernard consecrated his life to work for the benefit of the Church. We are all consecrated people, offering our lives in sacrifice with the priest at Mass. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Bernard of Clairvaux - Mem Readings: 0 +++ For mp3 Audio of this …
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Aug 19 - Homily - Fr Angelo: St. Louis

St. Louis gave up his kingdom to lay down his life for his sheep and became a Franciscan priest. At only 23, he became bishop but died after only six months. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Louis of Toulouse - Opt Mem Readings: 1st: eze 34:1116 0 Gsp: joh 10:…
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Aug 15 - Homily: Mary's Assumption: A Great Sign

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The woman of Revelation, clothed with the sun, is a great sign. Of the many meanings in Revelation 12, Father Angelo points out three. The first is the victory of Christ over sin and death; not merely at the end of time, but even now. The second is …
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Aug 14 - Homily - Fr Peter: Baptism with Fire

Jesus gave us baptism as an extension of His baptism on the Cross, and He wants our souls to be set on fire with the love of God. The perfect model is Mary. Ave Maria! Mass: 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday Readings: 1st: jer 38:4-6, 8-10 Resp…
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Aug 13 - Homily - Fr Angelo: St. Maximilian Kolbe

St. Maximilian was not a martyr defending doctrine, but a Catholic priest who, out of charity, offered his life in place of another. He was conformed to Christ following the example of St. Francis and guided by Our Lady through Marian consecration. …
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Aug 12 - Homily - Fr Angelo: Marriage and Religious Life

Marriage, sealed by the blood of Christ, is indissoluble. Both religious life and marriage require carrying the Cross. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Jane Frances de Chantal - Opt Mem Readings: Friday in the 19th Week in Ordinary Time (Short Reading) 1st: …
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Video – What is Your Fear Level? – MNOW 33

Dr. Mark Miravalle on our fearful times and how prayer is a remedy for fear especially praying to Mary Queen of Peace. For more information and resources: Phone: 740-937-2277 Site: www.motherofallpeoples.com Email: mary@motherofallpeoples.com Ave …
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Aug 08 – Homily – Fr John Joseph: The Gift of the Rosary

On the feast day of St. Dominic, father reflects on the gift of the Rosary from Our Lady, in which St Dominic had a big part to play. He reminds us of the power of the Rosary for evangelization as well as in helping us grow in virtue. Ave Maria! …
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Aug 06 - Homily - Fr Angelo: The Mass and Eucharist is Our Transfiguration

The Mass is our Mt. Tabor and the Eucharist is our Transfiguration. Ave Maria! Mass: Transfiguration of the Lord - Feast Readings: 1st: dan 7:9-10, 13-14 Resp: psa 97:1-2, 5-6, 9 2nd: 2pe 1:16-19 Gsp: luk 9:28-36 +++ For mp3 Audio of this video, …
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Aug 05 - Homily - Fr Angelo: Mary's Nature and Grace

Mary, the Mother of God, is unique in the order of nature and grace. Ave Maria! Mass: Dedication of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major - Opt Mem Readings: Friday in the 18th Week in Ordinary Time 1st: nah 2:1, 3; 3:1-3, 6-7 Resp: deu 32:35-36, 39, …
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Aug 02 – Homily – Fr Alan: Christ’s Mercy & the Portiuncula Pardon of Assisi

The incalculable grace of the Portiuncula indulgence, blessed by Jesus and Mary, requested by St. Francis and granted by Pope Honorius III in 1216, is totally compatible with the great mercy of Christ, who even nailed to the Cross pardoned the …
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Aug 04 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: St. John Vianney, Preach the Gospel

Fr. Ignatius on St. John Vianney and the need to preach the word of God and to warn people if they are not following the commandments and how St. John did this by exhorting his congregation to fulfill there Sunday obligation by coming to Mass. Ave …
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