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'Rent-a-pilgrim' to walk to Fatima for $2,700

WION on May 11, 2017 The 52-year-old Portuguese national takes on pilgrimages by proxy -- in the name of others -- especially Catholics unable because of sickness to undertake the journey or too busy or lazy for the week-long spiritual walk to the central Portuguese town of Fatima
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God Bless Him!
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Blessed Jacinta Marto ( soon to be a Saint )

Blessed Jacinto Marto of Fatima will be canonized a Saint, along with her brother Francisco, on May 13, 2017
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Waiting for God

A REMINDER. The polar bears used to roam around and have their place in the world. Now they are going extinct. So we humans who know this have an abundant business thriving on going out to see them in the wild. We spend 5,000 USD on and excursion … [Plus]
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Sounds like Pope sure he'd love GTV if this were the only article he saw
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Milwaukee priest deemed blessed by Pope Francis

WISN 12News on May 4, 2017 Milwaukee's Saint Francis seminary refused to ordain Father Solanus Casey because of his bad grades, but now he is on his way to sainthood. A beloved priest from Detroit is one step close… [Plus]
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Happy Cinco de Mayo

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In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistaken to be Mexico's Independence Day—the most important national holiday in Mexico—which is celebrated on September 16, commemorating the Cry of Dolores...
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Ave Maria - Anna German
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Nieszczęściem ś.p. Anna German było to, że odeszła z tego świata jako adwentystka Dnia Siódmego. Módlmy się za wieczne szczęście dla jej duszy.
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Saint Pius V - April 30

breski1 St. Pius V, Pope (1504-1572) A Dominican friar from his fifteenth year, Michael Ghislieri, as a simple religious, as inquisitor, as bishop, and as cardinal, was famous for his intrepid defence of the Church's faith and discipline, and for … [Plus]
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Tomb of Jesus reopens in Jerusalem after restoration

NTDTV on Mar 20, 2017. The tomb of Jesus has been resurrected to its former glory. Just in time for Easter, a Greek restoration team has completed a historic renovation of the Edicule, the shrine that tradition says houses the cave where Jesus was … [Plus]
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Irapuato María de Lourdes H. Aquí te puedes informar... [Plus]
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The 38 Most Ridiculous Things Martin Luther Ever Wrote (Blog Bites)

Highlighting the article '500 Years of Protestantism: The 38 Most Ridiculous Things Martin Luther Ever Wrote" at…/500-years-of-pr… --------------------------------------- * SUBSCRIBE:…/sub_confirmatio… * VISIT… [Plus]
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GJA Taylor
St peter had been a fisherman, unlike papa francis, he didnt control his own post office. Boo Hoo, maybe that makes papa francis more enlightened … [Plus]
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Die Feststellungen von Präsident Trump über die Medien sind 100% wahr, wie man auch bei uns tagtäglich beobachten kann. Auch die Kronenzeitung kommt … [Plus]
Michael Jackson wurde genauso verspottet und durch den Dreck gezogen, wie nun Trump. Seine Reden werden in öffentlichen Medien zusammengeschnitten … [Plus]
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O Sanctissima - "the Cathedral Singers", dir. Richard Proulx

Hymne à l'Immaculée du XVIIIè siècle O Sanctissima O Piissima Dulcis Virgo Maria Ô Très Sainte, Ô Très Pieuse Douce Vierge Marie Mater amata intemerata Ora ora pro nobis Mère ayant été aimée sans tache Priez, priez pour nous Tota pulchra es O Maria … [Plus]
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Wundervoll Danke
@Vered Lavan Ja, beten wir, dass der Geist zurückkehrt....
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President Trump vs. pseudo Pope Francis

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Francis should publicly apologize not only to the US President but also to the entire world public! President Trump already on the day of his inauguration took decisive steps to save Christianity and moral values: - he rolled back (priority) LGBT … [Plus]
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Gloria.TV News on the 13th of February 2017

A Protestant Mass: The Italian blog “Anonimi della Croce” cites a confidential source in Santa Marta according to which Pope Francis envisages changes in the New Rite Eucharist which serve a single goal: ecumenism. Francis plans to create a … [Plus]
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Father Des
Where do you go from here? Surely some Bishop will raise their voice in protest at the Protestant Mass. Does the Pope know anything about Church teaching?
Dr Stuart Reiss
Heres a sneak preview of the new liturgy..... V. Positive thoughts be with you. R. Likewise with you. V. Lift up your hands. R. We lift them up to … [Plus]
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Ein Barockes Königliches Trompetenkonzert zum Advent

BAROQUE TRUMPET TUNES 1. Prelude in D major from "Te Deum -- Marc-Antoine Charpentier, 2. March for the Prince of Dennmark Trumpet Voluntary in D -- Jeremiah Clarke, 3. Trumpet Tune in B - flat -- Henry Purcell, 4. Fanfare-Rondeau from First Suite … [Plus]
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Marcelino Champagnat
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Pope Benedict XVI Predictions for the Future of the Church

janets9179 From The Patrick Madrid Show, 6/15/2016 “The future of the Church can and will issue from those whose roots are deep and who live from the pure fullness of their faith. It will not issue from those who accommodate themselves merely to … [Plus]
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