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Dictatorships begin with taking over media to spread lies, pope says

All dictatorships begin the same way: Media outlets are put in the hands of "unscrupulous" people who spread lies and weaken democracy, Pope Francis …
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Well dear @amni_jane if you see what Tesa put above this post... says "Irony" now why would that be? Because this man (has been reported by outstanding journalists), that behaves as a dictator, so much that even a bestseller was written "the dictator pope", but also about the Irony thingy... all the big catholic media do not speak ill on anything he says, ANYTHING HE SAYS... tell me why this … More
“one is seduced by scandals. Good news isn’t a seductress.” the pope makes an effort to remind us to beware of lies and the courage it take to stand up to truth. Dictatorships are becoming more frequent around the world, we might ask ourselves why. Does it have anything to do with our inability to see truth.
Like , thou shall not kill. Seems easy enough, but we continually allow for it thinking … More
Well most catholics I know in this country (Dominican Republic), they go to the media outlets in favor of bergoglio, they don't know lifesite news, remnant, adelante la fe, 1 peter 5, etc... crux, ewtn, aciprensa, rome reports, all the big media are with antipope Francis.
Does Francis possess any self awareness or is he the ill-tempered narcissist he seems to be?
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