This guy is part of Pope Francis' newly constituted Pontifical Academy for "Life"

Member of Vatican pro-life academy says bible justifies abortion in cases of rape and disability | …

Rabbi Dr Fishel Szlajen cited traditional Jewish law
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Jewish Rabbi's would serve Christ a lot better if this Pope would share with them the knowledge that Science has now discovered proving that Jesus Christ is truly their Messiah, the Divine Son of God.

For, Science has proved that the Turin Shroud shares the same blood type as the Sudarium kept in Valencia Cathedral - what's more, Science has now found out that both the Shroud and the Sudarium (… More
The jew rabbis have written in their Talmud books, that the Virgin Mary was a prostitute and that our Lord Jesus was a sorcerer, who is covered in feses in hell.

Jesus Is One With Almighty God.
I wonder how many pro-abortionists members they have in the pro-life academy?
A Jewish Rabbi citing traditional jewish law..... isn't that nice. Which religion does the Vatican practice again?
Joseph a' Christian likes this. 
they dont accept Jesus as Son of God or the Messiah
Joseph a' Christian likes this. 
un miembro blasfemo de la nueva academia pontificia bergogliana para la muerte dice que la Biblia justifica el aborto