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Only robots would blindly follow a Pope in error: Catholic academic

Following a Pope in error only proves the ‘protestant caricature’ of papal authority.
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Vatican tells Catholics not to attempt to convert Jews
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The new text says clearly that the Church cannot support “any specific institutional mission” aimed at converting of the Jews, adding that Christians bearing witness to their faith in Christ should do so in a “humble and … More
Maybe be they are not following the Pope , maybe they are part of the Pope
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Dr Feser proved not to be a robot but I doubt he is a brave man. As he forgot to add to his crime list the deletion of VII Commnadment by Francis by which the irregular adulterers are now allowed to receive Holy Communion through AL while being bound by a valid Holy Matrimony... Or did he do it purposefully to remain beautifully in peace with his own conscience and the heretics?
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Solo los robots seguirían ciegamente a un Papa en el error: académico católico
10 de noviembre de 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -Los católicos que insisten en que los fieles están obligados a someterse a un Papa cuyas enseñanzas contradicen claramente a los papas anteriores e incluso la Biblia inadvertidamente cumplen la "burda caricatura protestante de la autoridad papal", escribió el académico católico … More
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