Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput points out that “for decades” relativist “Catholics” have been making nasty attacks. Chaput remembers “poisonous sarcasm, contempt, and systematic cultivation … More

Civility and Church Life | Charles J. Chaput

Some of the recent attacks on Fr. James Martin have been inexcusably ugly; like all of us as fellow Christians, he deserves to be treated with …
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De Profundis
It is unbelieveable that even Chaput defends this gay-Jesuit - and attacks his critics.
"In many ways, our time resembles the widespread unrest on the brink of the Reformation, a kind of “Reformation 2.0” moment. The details of our moral and ecclesial disputes are very different from those of five centuries ago—none of the Reformers, Protestant or Catholic, could have imagined what they would loose or where it would lead—but the gravity of our arguments is just as real, and the … More