Feb 24 - Homily: Spiritual Friends

Fr. Ignatius on the importance of a spiritual friend giving good example and support for growing in love of God and achieving eternal life. Ave Maria! Mass: Friday 7th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings: 1st: sir 6:5-17 Resp: psa 119:12, 16, 18, … [More]
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Feb 23 - Homily: Delay not your Conversion

Fr. Ignatius on the first reading from Sirach where we are admonished to not delay our conversion since this is presumption on God's later mercy when he is giving this mercy now. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Polycarp - Mem Readings: Thursday 7th Week of … [More]
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Feb 22 - Homily: Keys of the Kingdom

Fr, Ignatius on the simplicity of St. Peter and how the office that Jesus gave to him which includes the keys to the kingdom of God is what gives the authority of the pope not the merits or apparent suitability of the person as viewed by men. Ave … [More]
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Feb 19 - Homily: Conquer Evil with Good

The Gospel reading today presents Jesus' teachings on loving one's enemies. This is not natural, but supernatural; not human, but divine. As such, it is the sign of the true Christian, one who loves with the love of God, not of man. We, Catholics, … [More]
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Feb 18 - Homily: Listen to Him

At the Transfiguration and the Baptism of Jesus, the voice of God the Father is heard saying "This is my Beloved Son, listen to Him." In Jesus, God has said everything, nothing more is to be revealed, but, rather, what has been revealed is now to … [More]
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Feb 17 - Homily: Tower of Babel and Pentecost

Fr. Ignatius on the Tower of Babel in the Old Testament where God changed their language and caused them to scatter, whereas at Pentecost the Holy Spirit gave the Apostles the gift of tongues and so united the early Christians in faith. Ave Maria! … [More]
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Enter World Discussion on Mary - MNOW 48

Dr. Miravalle asks us to join the discussion of Mary as Coredemptrix during this Centenary year of the apparition of Fatima. For more information and resources: Phone: 740-937-2277 Site: Email: … [More]
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Feb 16 - Homily: Pray and Fast to end Abortion

Fr. Ignatius on the need for everyone to do prayer and fasting to end the scourge of abortion. Ave Maria! Mass: Thursday 6th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings: 1st: gen 9:1-13 Resp: psa 102:16-18, 19-21, 29, 22-23 0 Gsp: mar 8:27-33 For mp3 Audi… [More]
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Feb 15 - Homily: Noah's Ark and the Church

Fr. Ignatius on the first reading on the end of the flood of Noah's Ark and how this relates to salvation and the Church. Ave Maria! Mass: Wednesday 6th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings: 1st: gen 8:6-13, 20-22 Resp: psa 116:12-13, 14-15, 18-19 0 … [More]
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Feb 11 - Homily: Her Personal Presence

Mary's apparition at Lourdes is one of a cluster of her interventions surrounding the Proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Father Angelo says these show her power and personal solicitude for individuals (including you and me). … [More]
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Feb 10 - Homily: Watch and Pray

Fr. Ignatius reflects on the Fall of Adam and Eve and the need to be watchful and prayerful so that we do not give-in to the temptations of the Devil. Ave Maria! Mass: Friday 5th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Readings: 1st: gen 3:1-8 Resp: psa 32:1-… [More]
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Feb 08 - Homily: Let us Pass the Test

Fr. Ignatius on how God did so much for Man in the Garden of Eden with a very simple requirement as a test. We too are similarly tested and need to show our love for God by doing well. Ave Maria! Mass: Wednesday 5th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy Read… [More]
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Feb 04 - Homily: Retreat from Distractions with Mary

Fr. Ignatius gives the homily for the Life Teen Leadership Retreat that is focused on the topic of distractions in the spiritual life and how to avoid them. Father focuses on the story in today's Gospel of how the Apostles had to take time out to … [More]
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Feb 04 - Homily: Charity and Self-Forgetfulness

In today's Gospel reading, Jesus and the disciples are surrounded by people, and try to get some rest. But when the arrived, they found a crowd waiting. All of us who serve others are familiar with this feeling, but Jesus took pity on them. Let us … [More]
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Feb 02 - Homily - Fr Ignatius: Christ, the True Light

Fr. Ignatius on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord that highlights how Christ is the Light of the World. Father relates this to Mary Immaculate who goes through the ritual of purification even though in her case it is not needed in order to … [More]
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Feb 01 - Homily: God the Good Father

Fr. Ignatius on the reading from the book of Hebrews where God is described as the good Father who disciplines his children. He then relates this to the Gospel reading and how holiness can be found in people we know who keep their holiness quiet. … [More]
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Jan 29 - Homily - Fr Dominic: Humility in the Christian Life

Throughout the readings we find a recurring theme of humility which the Church wants us to reflect on. It is a beautiful virtue, but more than just that... with love, it is a guide of life. Humility and love can make us saints, and great saints. … [More]
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Petition Pope Francis for Mary! - MNOW 47

Dr. Mark Miravalle on the 2017 Fatima Centenary petition drive for the fifth Marian Dogma and how this will work for world peace, starting in our own hearts. For more information and resources: Phone: 740-937-2277 Site:[More]
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Jan 27 - Homily: Prayers for the President

Fr. Ignatius on the day of the DC March for Life asks us to pray for the president of the United States, that he supports the pro life cause and he work for the common good and for peace in accord with the will of God. Ave Maria! Mass: Friday 3rd … [More]
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Jan 26 - Homily: Cleansed by the Blood of Christ

Fr. Ignatius comments on the letter to the Hebrews referring to the body and blood of Christ, which He received from Mary and which cleanses us from our sins, opening heaven for us. Ave Maria! Mass: Sts. Timothy and Titus - Mem Readings: Thursday … [More]
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