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His Precious Blood

Dear Ele,
His blood cleasnes us from the leporsy of our sin. Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.

His Precious Blood

Dear Anna Lu
Bless you as we ponder the precious blood of Jesus. May His love ever fill your heart.

A Moment in Heaven

Blest video dear Holyrope3, longing for the day we enter the portals, ever to behold Jesus. Thank you for this, just what I needed today.

Morning Prayer for Friday 7-20-12

Dear Penitentis,
How this post blesses my heart, I will praise Him for His Greatness and love. Thank you for your faithfulness to share these prayers.

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

Dear Gregory, brother in Christ, how Mary must have carried a wounded heart for Her Son, and for us. I am amazed because of the boundless love shown toward us. May I take up my cross and follow, sharing in His sufferings, that I may share His joys in the portals of heaven. Blessed Mother, pray for us, and may we follow you in all purity and holiness. Bless you Gregory for your blest posts.

Catholic Culture

Dear Holyrope3,
Thank you for the posts that lift the heart, and challange us to live in the pureness of Christ. Please pray for my sister as we have faced many trials. God is Faithful and true. Bless you.

Abortion: from suffering to hope

Heart rending, yet comforting, know our Lord cradles these precious children in His Arms, and the Blessed Mother wipes the tears from their eyes. Bless you for sharing.


Dear Rhemes1582,
May the Glory of Christ fill you always. May Mary, Queen of heaven hold up before our Lord, hearing your praise and prayers

Morning Prayer for Wednesday 5-9-12

Dear Penitentis,
My heart is always blessed, convicted, and humbled by your wonderful videos of prayer and scripture. Thank you for your faithful love toward our Lord.


Dear Rhemes1582, brother in Christ,
Bless you for always showing charity and grace through your life. His smile rest upon you and your family this week.


Blessings from the heart of Christ overflow you with His powerful love, Tim20