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Viennese abortionist continues to violently attack pro-liferspro

I guess I didn't make myself entirely clear. Alinsky would say, don't protest a slum residence in the slum go into the suburban neigborhood where the slum owner lives. The neignbors would say, we don't care what you do for a living but get these blacks and hispanics out of our neighborhood. In this case they would say get these religious fanatics out of our neighborhood. Perhaps some of these thugs have wives, mothers, and children who do not know what they are doing and will be embarrassed by it. They themselves have hearts of stone. At anyrate it is a thought.

Viennese abortionist continues to violently attack pro-liferspro

If I were to advise the pro Life people, I would tell them to borrow a page from the leftist Saul Alinsky. Find out where these assailants live. Take a still picture of the man sexually asaulting the Pro Lifer and make a large poster of the event. Demonstrate in the man's neighbor hood with a sign saying "Your Neigbor is a pervert" or "A sexual assailant" "Your neighbor is a bully." "Your Neighbor is a thief" etc. etc. The key is to go to the person's own neighborhood. I bet they stop.

Aug 27 - Homily: Mothers Tears and Prayers

Thank you for this insightful homily delivered in a gentle and sincere manner. May all mothers take hope from Monica and pray for their children. To be a witness to Christ does not require us to shout and make scenes. A gentle and persistant presentation of the truth is that small whispering voice of God in our midst. I pray that you will continue on the path of priesthood you are on and be under the protection of our Blessed Mother.

Just Let God Forgive you

Good homily. Lighting was poor. But I pray for this priest to continue to spread the good news of God's mercy and our need for repentance and humility.

Catholic priest preaches on sin and salvation

The challenge to follow the hard path of virtue is important and the reminder of how easy it is to commit serious sin is covered in this homily. I think all need to hear this message and apply it to our lives.

Pilgrimage to Chartres Part 1

This Church is noted for its windows but they were not shown in this video. I wonder what the American Flag with the Crown over the star field was all about.

March for Life 2008 Washington

Love the opening graphics and song for this video. Pray for Fr. Frank and his inter religious and ecumenical attempts to end the evil of abortion.

Rabbi sentenced to 32 yrs!

If we ever do get accurate statistics on clergy from other religions, I suspect that they will mirror exactly what we find among Catholic clergy. Less than one percent molesting Children under the age of 10 and another 3 percent going after adolescent boys and girls with 80 percent of the victims being boys.


"All that is true, by whomsoever it has been said has its origin in the Spirit."St Thomas Aquinas Good video on this vice.

Fr. Groeschel - Benedict XVI Ecumenism

Pope Benedict like John Paul II continues to be a marvelous "bridge builder" between peoples. Pontifex! May Pope Benedict continue to be a light for a darkened world. Fr. Groeshel and his fellow religious do a marvelous work of witness to the poorest of the poor and the spiritually bankrupt as well.

New Susan Boyle! Wild Horses

I think the Rolling Stones wrote and sang this song. I didn't understand the meaning of the lyrics then and I still don't. However Susan has a wonderful voice and cover of the song.

Sisters: In Their Own Words

We have to all pray from religious nuns, brothers, monks and priests. We have to pray that perhaps our own children or grandchildren be called to this very special path to holiness. There are so many religious communities each doing something marvelous for God.

Pope John Paul II Meets Holocaust Survivors At Yad Vashem

This was a deeply moving moment. John Paul II as a youth often visited the local synagogue in his town for cultural events. He lived in a home with his father that was owned by a Jewish Family who lived in the same dwelling. One of his closest friends was Jewish. He would refer to the Jews as "Our Older brothers in faith."