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Dominicans dance on Lady Gaga song

it seems this below is an English translation of what they were singing at this Youth Festival, whilst keeping the music/melody of the Gaga person, to get the attention of the youth.(i am not stating an opinion, just giving info for clarity)
Dominicans, Dominicans, Dominicans
Everybody is looking for something but doesn't know what.
The answer is simple - only for the one thing.
And I say; Love, Love, Love. Quest for happiness is driving your life. The medicine is one and you know it. And I …

PC in the Catholic Church

umm none said anything here about the SSPX? did they..i missed it i guess... the news article seem to speak of 'neo-catholics' not neo-Conservative Catholics like my post.......anyhoo my post is written from a FSSP priest, not a schismatic SSPX..and in context of the post article,, i would rather not be linked with outlook of neo-cons, so called, but firmly be within Traditio, along with his holiness Pope Benedict XVI. PAX
PS. Mr Loughnan,the AngelQueen link yu gave did not work..never seen angelqueen forum before, but upon browsing it looks as if its completely SSPX/(SSPV ?) and therefore a waste of my time...

Northern Exposure?

very nice, high quality!nice scripture quote on angel about Living Water from John. and.... best of all MOOSE!! at 0;45, moose are cool!or is that mooses?? PAX

"Gloria in excelsis Deo"!!Ostervigil-VATICAN

+ღ*♡ .•*' * * ❤ °☆ ¸* ● ¸ ♡+*..*..★ . ○ ❤★ . ○ ❤
★ ..♥♔
°☆ღ ¸.* ● ¸ ★ ° :. * . • ○ ° ★ :. ღ*.❤° ★ :. ღ*.❤
+ღ*♡ .•*' * * ❤ °☆ ¸* ● ¸ ♡+*..*..★ . ○ ❤★ . ○ ❤
★ ..♥♔ALLELUJA ALLELUJA ALLEJA ALLELUJA♔♥ ★ .• °☆ღ ¸.* ● ¸ ★ ° :. * . • ○ ° ★ :. ღ*.❤° ★ :. ღ*.❤ +ღ*♡ .•*' * * ❤ °☆ ¸* ● ¸ ♡+*..*..★ . ○ ❤★ . ○ ❤ ★ ..♥♔ALLELUJA ALLELUJA ALLEJA ALLELUJA♥ ★ .• °☆ღ ¸.* ● ¸ ★ ° :. * . • ○ ° ★ :. ღ*.❤• ○ ° ★ :. ღ*.❤

For information,in English, Italian, French, Portugese, please contact:
Monastary of San Benedetto
---------------------------------------------- Copyright© 2011 Wilderland Film Studios

Catholic Software - Free

wow! looks amazing, am downloading it now!its the Credo BibleStudy.exe right??.. this along with Biblia Clerus program is all one needs!

Vatican to breakaway traditionalists: not enough

rhemes1582 i was only quoting…/sspx-bp-fellay-… ,as it relates to the current subject of discussion.i think FR. Z's comments are worth considering..please read link, with comments, in entirety.PAX Vaticanese---"moved by concern to avoid an ecclesial rupture of painful and incalculable consequences,"=means possible future schism
might i also suggest something more relevant;…/holy-see-statem…
PS. i prefer my Church info. from Fr. Z., over the Associated Press.... in Communion of Pryers, EJG

Vatican to breakaway traditionalists: not enough

"a sermon of SSPX Bp. Bernard Fellay for Candlemas. It is a real dissapointment, to say the least. Fellay said that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is “obliged to say ‘no’” to the proposal of reconciliation which came from the Vatican.
In a time when more and more we need Catholic unity, after reading Bp. Fellay’s words it is hard to understand how the SSPX is not on a course to formal schism."…/sspx-bp-fellay-…

Those WHo Have A Problem With Mother Angelica, Really HAve A Problem With Catholicism

CathPresbyter, most of the below posts are spam advertising sites with what seem genuine comments, but are mostly bot created, with links to their products., they say exact the same thing about 'blogs' on many \blog comments sites. please delete..them from the folowing fake profiles,williamfitzstephen,
and talkfree88 ,
they sprinkle Christian words with spam/advertising, on 100's of Christian websites/Blogs, they never read or watch videos.... its SPAM

Conservative leaders demand apology from Huffington over anti-Catholic column

ps; let us pray a Memorare, specifically for her and all at Huff. Post., US Govt./Leaders, teachers, newsmen,..................... they they may all turn, and be saved.!
Mathew 5--43 You have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thy enemy. 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you: 45 That you may be the children of your Father who is in heaven, who maketh his sun to …

Conservative leaders demand apology from Huffington over anti-Catholic column

FYI,the Huffington Post, something i wouldn't take opinions from ,but if it were in print would line my birdcage perusing of it in the past its filled with open snobbish ignorance of Christianity, anti-Catholicism, and the people who comment are probably the worst...
Arianna Huffington, a confused,educated but not intelligent, formerly Republican woman of Greek origin, multi-millionaire Elitist, Huffington was a member of the Rajneesh movement, her then live–in-partner Bernard … [More]

Communion Kneeling and on the Tongue is Preferred Form

@Santa Filomena,telling someone who wants to receive Our Lord Kneeling, to assist at"Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine Eastern Rite Greek Catholics of Saint Basil or Saint John Chrysostom"-where kneeling for Communion is universally Liturgically forbidden, makes no sense.At the Greek Catholic Russicum in Rome, the main centre for Byzantine-Greek Catholics, they would definitely ask you to stand!
@dm21, if you want to have a guarantee of assisting at Holy Mass in Rome in peace, i suggest you … [More]

Cardinal George Apologizes to Gays

Attempts to be virtuous that are joined to disobedience to the will of God, no matter how good they may appear, will actually work for our damnation.
-- St. Thomas More

Gregorian Music - Agnus Dei - (Lamb of God)

very nice, i am not sure why you titled this 'Lamb of God',though,since this has nothing to do with the' Agnus Dei' and are instead mix of Psalms with their Antiphons, ( and part of a Graduale? in the middle)from a Marian Feast..,sounds like its from the St. Benedict's Monastery in São Paulo (Brazil)..thank you for uploading!!!...

The Liturgy and Eternity: St Bruno, A, 2011

good homily....( though some minor facts bout the film/Carthusian ritual are incorrect, yet his point remains valid) ,would have been great too if you had a picture ( for your cover) of some Carthusians, instead of the Brotgers at le Barroux..just an opnion, but thanks for posting this homily...VEY helpful if you put who/ where this priest is??.PAX

The Signature That Is Worrying The Jews

DEAR ACLumsden et all,the Traditional Abbey at Le Barroux was not at all "founded by Archp. Lefebvre"....only that the actual founder the late Dom Gérard Calvet (November 18, 1927 – February 28, 2008), was friends with Msgr Lefebvre, much before the "1988 Consecrations" and had ordained to the deaconate some of the new young monks and he supported the new Community, but had no formal role other than a sympathetic Bishop....The relationship between Le Barrouxs Founder Dom Gérard/ new Le Barro… [More]

Lay Aside All Cares

ooo part of The Cherubikon from the Great Entrance...most excellent.. and true words before receiving Holy Communion! nice..

Scottish Archbishop Tells Catholics Not to Kneel for Communion

The Bishop is just laying out post-conciliar Norms for that Diocese, nothing new under the sun.... BUT,
Here are some quotes from Church documents (in chronological order) which state that the faithful are universally permitted to receiving kneeling (or standing) in the Roman Rite.
"In accordance with the custom of the Church, the faithful may receive communion either kneeling or standing. One or the other practice is to … [More]