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Pope blesses U.S. girl facing sight loss

This made me cry. Is there anything more beautiful, than watching Our Dear Holy Father bless children - and I mean really STOPPING and spending a blessed moment with the child! This little girl will never forget the moment - even if she loses her vision, she will always see this sight - because it comes direct from Our Heavenly Father!

Boys Pray to Save True Marriage

Beautiful! Great job, boys! It takes real courage to speak out for the traditional marriage at a time, when the secularity is taking over everywhere! In my home country Finland the Parliament voted for the same-sex marriage last year, and I am devastated. I also feel, that the very foundation of our society is falling apart. We have to pray to God and to Our Blessed Mother for a miracle!

The New Pope & Homoheresy

You are right! And we must pray, that the Holy Spirit gives the new pope the strenght needed to do so!

Schwangere in Kirche erschossen - Kind gerettet

Schrecklich! Gott sei dank konnte zumindest das Kind gerettet werden!
Beten wir fuer alle beteiligten.Mit Defensor Fidei bin ich allerdings einer Meinung: Die Hoffnung auf Rettung des Selbsmörders ist gering.

Pro Life "March for life Berlin" 2011

Jeztz mögen sie sich stark fuehlen und frech sein, aber wir werden mal sehen, wer am Ende der Starke ist! Wir muessen fuer die Gegendemonstranten beten, so dass auch sie verstehen, worum es hier geht