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Response to Teen Vogue from a Pro-Life Teen

The epic response to Teen Vogue's abortion gift-guide article from a teen herself. -- Students For Life of America - Facebook - Main YouTube - Main Twitter - … [More]
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Resist to the neo liberalism ,protestantism ,in the catholic church ,I pray that God in time will give us a pope that make things right
This magazine promoting abortion in such a casual way ought to be criminal. Disturbing. Dangerous. Disgusting.
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40 days "Fasting and Prayer" for a breakthrough in Europe

Johannes Hartl and Lou Engle speak about 40 days of fasting and praying for Europe.
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If not Catholic, should not be joined. Luther is an evil heretic. You will move towards Satan. Run away pray the rosaryLeave this site.
Everything Hartl does is "ecumenical". He has protestant services at his emotional meetings. They say (not confirmed) that at Hartls "Mehr"-conferenc… [More]

Vatican tribunal moves on to Hawaii | Local News

The Vatican tribunal led by Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, which came to Guam last week to investigate sex abuse allegations against Archbishop Anthony Apuron, is in Hawaii to hear testimony from former Agat Parish altar boy Roy Quintanilla, according …
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Ten Years of AirMaria - 100 Years of Fatima - FINEWS 160

franciscanfriars on Feb 15, 2017 Ave Maria! In this episode of FiNews friar Roderic reports on the ten year milestone of AirMaria with thousands of videos and millions of views for which we are very thankful. Then he discusses current projects … [More]
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I believe that Fr Fehlner who was the first to be broadcast, has now left the Friars after stirring up so much confusion in the Order.
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PLEASE PRAY for Teresa

From Patrick Coffin's Facebook post: On Friday, a 60-foot tree fell on this beautiful Catholic girl, Teresa Johnston. She's now in the fight of her life. The surgeon said there is a 10% chance she had some kind of a brain stem stroke, which means a …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Little flower show your power all for Jesus sake

Fundamental Moral Theology by Father Thom Hennen

ThomasAquinas on Feb 15, 2017 March 21st, 2015 Presentation. Catholic moral theology is a major category of doctrine in the Roman Catholic church, equivalent to a religious ethics. Moral theology encompasses Roman Catholic social teaching, Catho… [More]
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wikiaudio Lent (Latin: Quadragesima: Fortieth) is a solemn religious observance in the liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later, before Easter Sunday. The purpose of Lent is the preparation of … [More]
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Bishop Robert McElroy, Diocese of San Diego, California

SD Bishop Calls on Catholics to Protest Trump

The bishop of San Diego attacked U.S. President Trump, telling his audience they must disrupt his efforts to fulfill campaign promises.
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Bishop Robert Mcelroy ,Would you be happier if Hillary Clinton .someone who is 100% pro abortion ,euthanasia , same sex marriage , no freedom of … [More]
Pray for Mr. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Let God save Him! for better of this nation... Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou… [More]
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Regina Bethencourt Youth Rally Testimony | VERIZON CENTER

Watch Regina Bethencourt share her inspiring witness about the life of her baby sister during the 2017 Mass for Life at the Verizon Center. To learn more about the Youth Rally and Mass for Life visit: #iStand4Life #WhyWeMarch #Mass4Life
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Everyone please SHARE! The sincere seeking to know herself that this young woman describes makes for a very powerful witness to the gift of life.
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Ignore Your Talents and Rely on Your Nothingness

Father Reto Nay 24th of February 2011 Sedrun, Switzerland
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Wonderful reflection on Matthew 11 and very good news IF we're truly interested in increasing our capacity to receive God.
Harmonia celestiala
We never can do anything valuable without the power and the grace of God himself and therefore we shall and we will be full of gratitude.

French Catholic priestfired for sayingGod wants himto get married

A Lyon priest admired by parishioners for modernising his church has been sacked after he admitted falling in love with a woman, saying he believed God wanted him to live with her.
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You are blessed that he is gone. Please pray that he will understand his etrors. The Church should not be modernized it needs to be filled with … [More]
Dr Stuart Reiss
Good riddance. At least he's not a paedophile. Thank god for small mercies. You see what's going on here folks. Next to be dismantled would be priestly celibacy

Malta’s Archbishop: Seminarians Can Leave if They Don't Agree With Pope Francis

At a meeting with Malta’s priests on Feb. 14, Archbishop Scicluna appealed for understanding, saying he had no choice in co-signing the guidelines. According to sources present, he said in conscience he could not go against the wishes of the Pope. …
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In Munich, there is currently only one seminarist who prepares for the priesthood. This is the fruits of Cardinal Marx.
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Gloria.TV News on the 21st of February 2017

Secrecy: Referring to its source in Santa Marta, the blog Anonimi della Croce reports of secret meetings of Pope Francis with the Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby and other Anglican and Lutheran dignitaries. Protestant representatives participate … [More]
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Holy Cannoli
The Devil: The complete Christopher Manion article is worth reading. An excerpt: “For all practical purposes, America’s bishops and their intricate … [More]
If it can be used by PROTEST--ants, it can never be used by Catholics
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Pope Francis Praises Soros-Funded Organization; Encourages "Resistance"

On 17 February, Pope Francis released a letter written for those gathered for the World Meeting of Popular Movements held in California from 16-19 February — a meeting organized by the Vatican. Such meetings regularly take place in the Vatican …
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Feature Video-The Music of The London Oratory Schola Cantorum Boys Choir

AimHigher Recordings on Feb 11, 2017. Cardinal Sarah Blesses Debut Album of London Boys Choir. Release of new recording coincides with worldwide tour that includes the U.S. in October.…/cardinal-sarah-…
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Ah how wonderful. This is my parish church. We have three choirs. The schola cantorum, the junior oratory choir and the senior. And our Organ … [More]
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Ana Luisa M.R
Robert Colquhoun, the Director of International Campaigns visited Croatia last week. There are abortions happening in approximately 30 locations in … [More]
Ana Luisa M.R
When we pray, hearts and minds are changed

Holy Rosary Mother Angelica Sorrowful Mysteries Video.mpg

The Blessed Virgin Mary promised to Saint Dominic and to all who follow that "Whatever you ask in the Rosary will be granted." She left for all Christians Fifteen Promises to those who recite the Holy Rosary. Imparted to Saint Dominic and Blessed … [More]
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【Movie】Fiddler on the Roof (Part 1 of 3) ╬ A 1971 musical film by Norman Jewison

G § Fiddler on the Roof: A 1971 American musical comedy-drama film, an adaptation of the 1964 Broadway musical of the same name ※ Directed by: Norman Jewison ※ Produced by: Norman Jewison & Walter Mirisch ※ Screenplay by: Joseph Stein ※ Based on: … [More]
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Great film
This movie was very interesting and different then I've thought before watching this. It has beautiful music pieces with great actors. The music … [More]