Cardinal Bernard Law Is Dying

The former Boston Archbishop, Cardinal Bernard Law, 86, is dying in a Roman hospital, writes the blog Whispers in the Loggia. Law retired from his position in the wake of an “abuse scandal” about …
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“Hipster Nativity” in Illinois Cathedral

1,194 × 960
Illinois diocese displayed in its Belleville Cathedral St Peter a “Hipster Nativity”. The nativity was created in 2016 and includes Mary and Joseph taking a selfie with baby Jesus. The three Wise … More
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Novena to St John the Evangelist Dec 18th – Dec 26th

O glorious Apostle, who, on account of thy virginal purity, wast so beloved by Jesus as to deserve to lay thy head upon His divine breast, and to be left, in His place, as son to His most holy …
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2018 – Pope Will Be Murdered According to Nostradamus

According to the French seer Nostradamus (+1565), Pope Francis will be murdered in 2018, writes the webpage of the Romanian TV channel Antena 3 (December 15), “The leader of the Catholic Church will…
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Tesa The point is that this is just low journalism.
@BrTomFordeOFMCap The point is that a Rumanian newspaper is claiming Francis death.

Francis’ Guest Finally Caught by Police

Ivan, one of the two Italian convicts who were invited to Pope Francis’ lunch “for the poor” and used it for escaping has finally been caught. Police found Ivan among the homeless at Termini, the …
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Police Protects Francis’ “Dining Room” in Bologna

On December 13 the Basilica of San Petronio in Bologna, Italy, has seen an anti-terror operation. Only after the event, shocked bystanders realized that this was only an exercise. Since 2001 San Petr…
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Bergoglio rebels against the missionary mandate given by Christ-De-Missionized "Missionary Church"

The De-Missionized "Missionary Church" by Christopher A. Ferrara December 13, 2017 One of the hallmarks of ideology is a perver...
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Joseph a' Christian
Almighty God bless our brother Christopher. It is obvious that Bergoglio is an enemy of our Lord Jesus. Our Lord Jesus stated- those who are not … More
Católicos Apostólicos

Pope Francis Receives Enemy of the Church

Culpable Silence: Last week the Italian parliament approved a law introducing assisted suicide accompanied by the total silence of Pope Francis and almost all of the Italian bishops. One of the most … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Bergoglio is Death. Jesus Is Life.
The Pope is silent unless its about climate change, immigrants, or Martin Luther, putting all these in good light.
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New Vatican Webpage Expected to Continue with "Obsequious and Uncritical Reporting"

On December 16 the Vatican launched its new media platform It combines the webpages of Vatican Radio and TV in one entity. The portal is the result of an alleged reform carried on …
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zzzzzzzzz, oh sorry dozed off.

pro-life testimony

This may be the most powerful pro-life testimony ever recorded—please watch and share!
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Jim Dorchak
Absolutely astoundingly beautiful and awe inspiring. Thank you for the video.
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bright and clear.
Don Reto Nay
@Dr Bobus : The question is perhaps even whether they may be forced, and so far one gets the strong impression that indeed, this is the case. The … More

Video, 8 killed in bomb attack on Quetta church, Pakistan

Two suicide bombers attacked a packed Catholic church in southwestern Pakistan on Sunday, killing at least eight people and wounding up to 25. World is One News, WION examines global issues with in-… More
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Joseph a' Christian
Muhammad was a mass murderer, and his gang has continued his evil example for 1,400 years. Muhammad is Death. Jesus Is Life.

Trump and Looney Tunes

"That's Trump Folks!"
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I actually missed the blue Twitter bird on the music stand until now...
Jim Dorchak
As someone who sings Opera semi professionally, I have always loved this Buggs Bunny cartoon. Now it is in my favorites list for sure.
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Vatican, Strange Drug and Child Porn Case

47-year-old Ostilio Del Balzo, a longtime janitor for the Pontifical Council for Culture headed by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, left work on September 1 when he was arrested by police on Italian …
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He is covering for someone and probably fears for his life and has a family.
Smells like something fishy here ,the police should disclose whats going without being afraid ,and those guilty should be charged
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Catholics, Orthodox, Anglican, Protestants together against Gender

Created Male and Female: An Open Letter from Religious Leaders (December 15, 2017) Dear Friends, As leaders of various communities of faith throughout the United States, many of us came together in …
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maybe too little too late , lets hope its not too late ,sometimes the worst enemy of a society is being quiet to evil ,or either because we are … More
Joseph a' Christian
Several of the writers of this document are members of the anglican church. A church founded by king henry, an extremely vile pervert. He cut off … More

Life as a Christian in Pakistan

A suicide bomber attacked a church packed with worshipers Sunday in Pakistan, killing 7 people and injuring more than 20, authorities say. Read more:…/index.html
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Joseph a' Christian
CHRISTIANS AND SATANISTS CAN NOT LIVE TOGETHER!! Muhammad's gang are satanists, hiding behind a veil. Muhammad lied and stated that Jesus was … More
these are the martires of our days . when it comes to christians the secular media are too slow to respond ,Why ???
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Francis' Birthday in the Hospital

Pope Francis celebrated his 81st Birthday by having a party with some children being treated at the Vatican's Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital.
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Oremus pro pontifice nostro Francisco: Dominus conservet eum et vivificet eum et beatum faciat eum in terra et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius
De Profundis
Wishing Our Holy Father, Pope Francis a blessed 81st Birthday!
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540 × 517

Birthday cake for Pope Francis

Made by Hedera, on Rome's Borgo Pio
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"Francis" carrying the world on his shoulders. In fact: he himself is an unbearable load for the Church to carry on her shoulders!!
A great deal more useful than a Brutalist statue.