Australia's royal commission into child sexual abuse delivers final report. It calls on Church to change priestly celibacy rules and for Australian bishops to petition Vatican about amending seal of confession for abuse cases.

Australian probe into child abuse attacks Catholic celibacy

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — An Australian inquiry into child abuse recommended Friday that the Catholic Church lift its demand of celibacy from …
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another secular government dictating things of God
Jim Dorchak
ALSO what business is it of ANY country to tell The Catholic Church how and what to believe? That is what got us in the predicament in the first … More

As an Ex-Gay Cradle Catholic, I Know the Devastation That Awaits Those Who Follow Fr. James Martin

If any of the Catholics who raised me or taught me had told the truth about the church's teaching on sex, I might still be Catholic today.
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Jim Dorchak
But, but, but,,,,, that is not what I was told. There are new improved translations! You are not being merciful to those of us out here on the periph… More

Transgender, puberty blockers are “institutionalized child abuse"

Many children with gender dysphoria are being prescribed puberty blockers. Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, says it’s “institutionalized child abuse."
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Very rare photo of St Therese of Lisieux and community

940 × 470
St Therese and the sisters at the cloistered Carmelite community of Lisieux, Normandy. Photograph from Pontifical University of the Holy Cross via Massimilano Migliorato for CPP
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Shes the one standing on the left next to the column. Theres a statue Jesus In front of her..Her sister Celine took this with her camera brought to … More
Which one is Therese?...
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Let Us Try to Make Sense of What is Going on So Far in the Church - By John Huggins

(1) Pope Francis has imposed on the universal Church a document (Amoris Laetitia) that seems to lend itself to morally erroneous interpretations of an already magisterially defined immutable moral …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Jim Dorchak
Ahhhh,,,,,,,, John; what does "Morally Erroneous" mean please?
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Francis Insinuates That The Devil Is Alone In Hell

Pope Francis mentioned in his December 11 homily an unnamed priest who complained about everything to the point that his companions joked about what he would say to St Peter upon arriving in heaven: …
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There'll be TWO there shortly Jorge! St Pio stated that LUTHER and his supporters were confirmed to be in Hell (bad luck for choosing to support him … More
Dr Bobus
Sounds like another of the Pope's straw men.

Italy: Priest Condemned for Murder

Congo born Premonstratensian Father Gratien Alabi was sentenced to 25 years in prison on December 14 for the murder of Guerrina Piscaglia, 49. The married woman disappeared in Badia Tedalda (Arezzo),…
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Reason why you should not say "Do not let us fall into temptation"

subtitles available in English, also in Spanish
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In the youtube version is where the subtitles are.
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@Jungerheld Pelosi is a complete Buffoon!
@Temperance, it has to do with the tax code. There is a stack on the floor in other images that is maybe 1/100th of this stack that is the tax … More

James Martin S.J. is working for the Synagogue of Satan

"A blog about the Catholic Church loyal to the Pope and Magisterium. We discuss Catholic social teaching; pro-life
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Católicos Apostólicos
Espiritualmente-trastornado, el jesuita herético activista gay James Martin designado por Bergoglio como consejero de las … More
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That is hilarious...and someone has WAAAAY too much time on their hands!

Guadalupe in the Rosary Shrine

5,103 × 3,518
Yesterday, we inaugurated our Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe in our church which is the Rosary Shrine Church in London. This image of Our Lady of Guadalupe comes from the Basilica in Mexico City. … More
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Wunderschön. Ave Maria!
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Jimmy Stewart enters the Nativity

The word is, Jimmy Stewart completed this scene of Mr. Krueger's Christmas in one take because he was so sincerely entering into the holy scene.
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San Juan de la Cruz, Doctor de la Iglesia, Fray Antonio Royo Marin OP

SAN JUAN DE LA CRUZ - DOCTOR MISTICO. Fray Royo Marín O.P. ...excelente
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Radical Jesuit: New French Our Father Distorts Meaning

The French translation of the Our Father "let us not fall into temptation“ does not correspond to the Greek original text nor to the image of God in the Bible according to the German pro-gay Jesuit …
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