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LGBT Drag Queens Given Access to Little Childen: Join the Protest

With all urgency -- I'm writing to ask you to sign this protest because Vanderburgh Public Library in Indiana is hosting a "gender-bending" event that targets children as young as 3. You and I must …
Misery loves/needs company. Pray for these children, and these molesters, for God's mercy.
Franics never tried to Persuade - or dissuade - the Rabbi.

Rabbi Skorka: What my friendship with Pope Francis taught me about interfaith dialogue

In preparation for the gathering in Abu Dhabi, I find myself asking why my conversations with the future Pope Francis so powerfully affected both of …
Especially with the jews. AND, while you say that the palestinians have rights, YOU COMPLAIN OF THE CHRISTIAN ANTISEMITISM AND INCLUDE IN THE … More
The new, most modern, categorical imperative: to give up the Faith in favor of "dialog"...
Francis considers ecumenism an imperative.

Ecumenism Isn’t An Option, Pope Affirms - ZENIT - English

Appeal on the Occasion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
If by "ecumenism" he means the Great Commission, then he's right. But if he means the VII indifferentism that has been masquerading as ecumenism for … More
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Masculinity in boys is demonized

Masculinity in boys should be supported, not demonized.
Funny, because this jewish woman (Christina Hoff Sommers) that pretends she is conservative is a proud feminist, pro-homosexual, and pro-abortion.
Well put. So important.
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Vatican celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

, Five years ago when Pope Francis was chosen to be the new leader of the Catholic church, his election was met with a sense of hope that he would lead the Church into a new and more progressive era.…
Perhaps the most deadly of Russia's errors that Our Mother warned against at Fatima was the planned corruption of our Church by Joseph Stalin's … More
Communism does not mix with catholicism
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Today is the Anniversary of the Death of Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres (Our Lady of …

Today is the Anniversary of the Death of Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres Further information on Mother Mariana and Our Lady of Good Success here:- Our Lady … More

Facebook Blocks Advertising for Pro-Life ‘Roe v. Wade’ Film

By David Nussman - DETROIT ( - A pro-life film will tell the real story of the lies and manipulation that led to decriminalized abortion in the United States. …
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Strange Episcopal Resignation

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Ciudad Rodrigo Bishop Raúl Berzosa, 61, Spain. In June the prelate was granted a six months leave of absence “for personal motives”. Now he resigned after a "…
.. everyone in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church should have a "period of reflection and spiritual renewal" in silence, alone in a cabin or … More
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Bishop Shoots a Man during Hunt

Bjelovar-Križevci Bishop Vjekoslav Huzjak, 58, Croatia, went hunting with others on January 11 when he shot a member of his hunting party. Huzjak is known for being a passionate hunter. The hunt took…
Holy Cannoli
In his defense, the bishop said that the wounded man was wearing a boar outfit in order to lure wild boar from their hideouts in the forest. Anybody … More
"criminal charges" ... but the abusers can just receive a little slap on the hand for mistreating, destroying and killing a young life ...

Cardinal Wuerl apologizes to priests, McCarrick victim, says he forgot he knew about harassment …

On verge of being replaced, the D.C. cardinal apologizes for "pain and suffering" he caused
Faithless, worldly "men" with no fear of the Lord. How could he love He Who Is Truth when he abandons truth each time it's convenient? Being comforta… More
Cardinal Wuerl will *not* be celebrating the Mass for Life at the National Shrine on Friday according to the Archdiocese of Washington. Instead the … More
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1st Trimester Medical Abortion: Abortion Pills

First trimester medical abortion, "the abortion pill," explained by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino. For education resources and to learn more about Dr. Levatino, visit Abortion Procedures.… More
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Prayer to the Infant Jesus to Be Said By a Sick Person

O MERCIFUL Infant Jesus! I know of Thy miraculous deeds for the sick. How many diseases Thou hast cured during Thy blessed life on earth, and how many venerators of Thy Miraculous Image ascribe to … More
Metropolitan Kallistos asks whether Orthodoxy needs “a greatly strengthened primacy at the universal level”.

Met. Kallistos (Ware). Synodality and Primacy in the Orthodox Church

What is the aim of every council? It is, through the exercise of collective discernment, to attain a common mind. Yet this common mind is not simply …
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Francis Puts Compromised Prelates In Charges Where They Can Blackmail Others

The cases of Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta and Msgr. Battista Ricca show that Pope Francis protects his friends regardless of his professed commitment to accountability, Phil Lawler noticed on Catholic…
... and why is that ..? .. because the new church is going to be liberal, free of all natural laws, and pleasing all humans ... '' .. When these … More
Jim Dorchak
Gays looks out for each other....
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Francis: A Real "Schism" Is Under Way - But Only In Politics

Humanity encounters "serious difficulties", writes Pope Francis in a letter to the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life (dated January 6). According to Francis, the cleavage between the "…
... and this is all part of a strategic scheme .. the word "schism" has to be banalized and not taken seriously so that when the real " schism" … More
Dr Bobus
Warmed over Marxism.

Rod Pead [Editor of Christian Order]: Is Pope Francis not just a Heretic, but a Apostate?

Catholic Monitor Editor Rod Pead of the United Kingdom Christian Order magazine posed the question: Is Pope Francis not jus...
Gesù è con noi
The Magisterium of the Church teaches that the election of a heretic as pope is invalid and null. 6. Nullity of all promotions or elevations of … More
Dr Bobus
The judicial verdict must be preceded by a theological judgment that a formal opinion contradicts Church doctrine. The pope is a 1970s Jesuit, which … More

Dialogue 101

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #101

Saint Arnold Janssen - January 15

Arnold Janssen was born on November 5, 1837 in Goch, a small city in lower Rhineland (Germany). The second of ten children, his parents instilled in him a deep devotion to religion. He was ordained … More
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Giuseppe Verdi - Ave Maria from "Quattro Pezzi sacri" (Bavarian Radio Chorus)

Bavarian Radio Chorus Michael Gläser - conductor Giuseppe Verdi - Ave Maria from "Quattro Pezzi sacri" The Quattro pezzi sacri are choral works written separately during the last decades of the … More