Dialogue 45

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #45
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Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

"O God, giver of heavenly gifts, who in Saint Aloysius Gonzaga joined penitence to a wonderful innocence of life, grant through his merits and intercession, that, though we have failed to follow him … More
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N0B0DY.SK pred 8 hodinami Žáner rock a jeho odrody je "telesná" záležitosť, podobne ako napríklad návykové látky alebo bojové umenia. Dobrý katolík… More
Can anyone tell me in English what they are talking about? thanks More
Why did this story never get published? That’s a good question. When I first spoke to the reporter, he was on the verge of publishing. Weeks, then months, went by, and no story. When I contacted him … More

Cardinal McCarrick: Everybody Knew

Uncle Ted and his army of enablers need to have their #MeToo moment
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Comedy show - Jordan Peterson Agrees With Forcing Christians To Bake Gay-Cakes

Peterson is not a believer. The topic is about moral choices and being forced to approve of them by the State even when conscience says it is an evil moral choice.
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Except no one is born a homosexual. Comedy Central jewish filth.
Jordan Peterson: Canadian Christians must ‘stand up’ for religious rights after top court ruling… More
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When priests are exonerated, declared INNOCENT, after investigations, that deserves as much publicity as accusations. Pastor cleared of all wrongdoing.

Protect Our Priests | Chicago I St. John Cantius Parish is a dedicated group of friends of St. John Cantius Church who have formed a non-profit corporation to support Rev. C. Frank …
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This is such good news. Fr. Phillips is a wonderful person and priest. He made the parish what it is today, one of the most beautiful if not the … More
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Francis Fell During Mass

Pope Francis had a little tumble at the end of Mass in Geneva on June 21. He also fell getting out of the minibus for the Ecumenical Meeting. Walking stick?
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Sunamis 46
A lot of elderly people fall every day all over the world- But no one get to know about it More
Joseph a' Christian
When Jesus kasts False Francis down, a horrible fall that will be.

Cardinal Burke Responds - Francis Has a Problem

Cardinal Raymond Burke has commented on Pope Francis’ claim that he heard about the Dubia “from the newspaper”. “The late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra personally delivered the letter containing the Dubia…
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Sunamis 46
Just read the news from last year again- And how f1 friends where going against cardinal burke and the other cardinals. Cardinal pell was out of work… More
Am, what about filial- Correction? I suppose Jorge read that from the newspaper as well.. Seriously, enough is enough and we have had more than … More

Indian priest to speak at House of Lords on ‘benefits’ of yoga |

Fr Joe Pereira says Iyengar Yoga can help people recover from drug addiction
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Demon possession is what yoga will give you. Yoga is demon worship. It is idolatry. The stretches, breathing techniques, and poses in combination … More
The Priest needs to read "Yoga Tai Chi and REiki a Christian perspective"
Ireland will have abortion and buffer zones by January. They have lept over a 40+ devastation to strike their land with a tsunami of the strongest tactics of the heavy hitters in the history of the … More

Harris: Abortion services and exclusion zones up and running in January -

Minister for Health Simon Harris is determined that abortion will be made legal in January, however hard contesting court cases try to delay it.
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Cardinal McCarrick's history in DC, the Catholic Church

WUSA9 on Jun 20, 2018 Cardinal Theodore McCarrick served as priest for more than 60 years and was the Archbishop of Washington from 2001 to 2006. Our Andrea Roane has more on McCarrick's history … More
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Dr Bobus
When I was at KU, I enrolled in a course in Aancient Philosophy. The prof was not a Catholic nor even a Protestant. One day, speaking of the Sophists… More

Italian Bishops' Daily Slanders Cardinal Burke

In April, Avvenire, the daily of the Italian bishops, published a nasty piece against Cardinal Raymond Burke, written by Gianni Gennari, a former priest known for his attacks against Benedict XVI …
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Sunamis 46
They are paid to do that- I guess More

DHS Secretary Kirsten Nielsen: “”10,000 of the 12,000 [ children “in the care of HHS right now”] …

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 It’s not about Child/Parent Separation, but Child Abuse, Smuggling & possibly Sex Trafficking by Parents handing their …
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The US government is clueless in handling this ongoing immigration problem. Has DHS even considered the possibility that (mostly) Central American … More

Francis' Dubia claims Cause Astonished Reactions

Pope Francis' claim that he heard about the Dubia regarding Amoris Laetitia from the newspapers, has caused general astonishment. Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, one of the four Dubia Cardinals, clari…
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Card. Burke had a private audience with Francis just before the publication of the dubia. Cardinal Burke mentioned the dubia surely. Francis is not … More

Vatican’s Selective Justice

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Refused The Vatican crackdown on the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate continues. During the general assembly of the sisters in April in Rome Cardinal Braz de … More
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Sunamis 46
F1 does not like traditionalist at all and especially the latin mass
Ave Maria! Prayers for the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate.

Iraqi murderer of German teen girl bragged: Everything is for free here, no working and a salary …

The murderer of the German teen girl Susanna, bragged about Germany to his relatives in Iraq. He and his family would not have to work and they …
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Gesù è con noi
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Dr Bobus
McCarrick is a sociologist.
‘People will follow him’... yeah right.