Why We Shouldn’t Change the Lord’s Prayer | Anthony Esolen

“Lead us not into temptation” is the most accurate English translation of the original Greek phrase in the Lord’s Prayer. Pope Francis can’t find a …
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Nobuyuki Tsujii | The blind pianist plays Beethoven at Carnegie Hall (2011)

From the Carnegie Hall, New York Nobuyuki Tsujii - piano Ludwig van Beethoven - Sonata No. 17 in D minor, Op. 31, No. 2 “The Tempest” 0:15 I. Largo - Allegro 8:22 II. Adagio 15:06 III. Allegretto … More
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Sainte Odile - December 13

Saint Odile of Alsace, also known as Odilia and Ottilia, born c. 662 - c. 720 at Mont Sainte-Odile), is a saint venerated in the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. Born to the … More
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In the Arena "SSN09_EP12" NET TV (12/10/17)

nettvcatholic on Dec 11, 2017 This week, on an all-new episode of In the Arena, host Monsignor Kieran Harrington will be joined by guests including tenor Amine Hachem, who will talk about his … More
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The models in this fashion show are actually homeless

This year the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show fundraised for Susan’s Place, a 200-bed transitional residence for homeless women. Located in the Bronx, Susan’s Place opened in 2008 … More
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It's Advent time for Catholics not women body show...
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Mexican pagan "Death Saint" (“Santa Muerte”) in a Catholic Church


In November, St. Augustine Catholic Church in Oak Harbor allowed for a woman to set-up a Santa Muerte (Saint Death) display in the church around the Feast of All Souls, November 2.
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Anne T.
its at 59.minnutes sorry
Anne T.
At 50.25 minutes world famous pastors are stating that all religions worship the same GOD and their members are part of the Body of Christ ...John … More
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Pro-Life-Hero and Prisoner again, December 2017

1,000 × 627
Mary Wagner who has been arrested again for going into an abortion clinic carrying roses, to which were attached a model of a 10wk old baby in utero, a card with contact info of Sisters of Life, & … More
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She is inspired by God to respond appropriately to the holocaust that is abortion, on demand, without apology, paid for by the mothers and fathers.
Policemen are the slaves of licit but invalid law. Let us pray and take example of fortitude from Mary Wagner.

Behold your Mother!

5,472 × 3,648
Pilgrims to the Guadalupe Basilica look for the first time upon Our Lady's true image which she left us on St Juan Diego's fragile agave-fibre cloak. Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr
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G.K. Chesterton’s “A Christmas Carol”

A Christmas Carol The Christ-child lay on Mary’s lap, His hair was like a light. (O weary, weary were the world, But here is all aright.) The Christ-child lay on Mary’s breast, His hair was like a …
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"Vatican Is Dominated By Canny Ecclesiastical Politicians"

The book The Dictator Pope is genuinely insightful according to Dan Hitchens, the deputy editor of the Catholic Herald. He notices that the material of the book has been presented before, "But …
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@Dr Stuart Reiss Sorry but I could not find a link to the print version!

Benedict XVI. on Communion for divorced remarried: impossible

In 2012 Benedict XVI answered in Milan on the 7th World Meeting Of Families a question about the divorced and remarried. Benedict XVI: Dear friends, thank you for your very important work as family… More
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African Bishop Contradicts Francis’ Claim

“Oriental religions are a form of true paganism” said Burkina Faso Bishop Basile Tapsoba, 75, when asked what he thinks about Pope Francis’ claim that the words of Buddha can be a guide for …
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Anne T.
John Paul the second told to a Hindu high priest: we together will be in heaven,Buddha statue was worshiped in Assisi in 1986 by christian high … More
Católicos Apostólicos
“Life of Buddha”: Bergoglio gifts Manuscript celebrating Paganism to President of Myanmar
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Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn, pray for us...

Pius XII: Liturgiae sermonisque papae splendor

La beauté de la liturgie du Pape Pie XII
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Doctor Angelicus
w il Papa poverini quelli che non hanno una guida spirituale come Lui
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Secret Trial: Cardinal Pell Fighting Corrupt Australian Justice System

Cardinal George Pell, 76, will face a four-week pre-trial hearing in March to determine whether he should stand trial for [bogus] abuse accusations levelled against him. The complainants will be …
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paul grech
As it is in all Common Law systems in Australian courts the truth has no relevance! What is important is how much mud is one side allowed to throw … More
Why a secret trial?
1 414 Is a Worthwhile Cause to Fund - User Statistics is one of the biggest Catholic networks in the world. On an average weekday, which operates in more than thirty languages, counts: - 200,000 clicks on media - 1000 media uploads -…
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The Vatican's reaction to Jerusalem as Israel's capital - ENN 2017-12-11

Pope Francis is among the world leaders hoping the Trump administration changes its mind about recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Vatican Correspondent Juliet Linley takes us inside the … More
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Anne T.
I saw Pope Francis to get a muslim Rosary as a gift from the Saudi prince...They are in the same boat for a long time: in masonic boat I mean... so … More

Massimo Faggioli’s many errors regarding canon law, Francis’ letter to the Argentine bishops – …

I applaud Massimo Faggioli’s recognition that “canon law is clearly an important part of the Catholic tradition” and join him in urging that “the …
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Francis’ Our Father Is No Translation

The Greek original version of the Our Father is in no way ambiguous, writes Anthony Esolen, professor of classical literature at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, USA. On (…
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John Allen says: “This pope, and almost certainly no pope ever, would propose changing a prayer that comes from Jesus himself and is at the very core of the Christian faith.”
Matthew 4,1 The Holy spirit himself led Jesus into the desert. Thus, the Lord knows very well why he instructed us to pray .

Give Me That Old Time Religion!

It was good for my mother, it was good for my father.
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Wayside Shrine Maker
It just needs a few new lyrics. It was good enough for Irenaeus it was good enough for Irenaeus its good enough for Irenaeus its good enough for me … More
Uncle Joe
Since we are talking about Negro spiritual music, I have a novel programming idea for Perhaps a new Negro female news presenter would … More