Syro-Malabar Catholics have own Cathedral in Preston, England

Bishop consecrating chrism (holy oil, March 22 2018
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French Dioceses Manipulate Cassock Into Jeans

The three French dioceses of Perpignan, Montpellier and Nimes have used an image of a priest in a cassock that was manipulated in a way to make it look as if the priest was wearing jeans. According …
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@Holy Cannoli you have captured their mind. I am-literally and figuratively-allergic.
Holy Cannoli
Junger... Something for that "Special Catholic Lady." More
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REEL FAITH 60+ Second Review of SAMSON

nettvcatholic on Mar 21, 2018 David DiCerto reviews the big-screen biblical epic, SAMSON!
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Author of "The Dictator Pope" Suspended by Order of Malta

Henry Sire, the author of the brilliant book “The Dictator Pope”, has been suspended as a member of the Order of Malta for [allegedly] breaching their constitution by writing the book. Sire has live…
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Dismissed by the order, though being their official historian.
Sólo Díos basta
If Henry Sire had distributed condoms, he'd still be member of the Knights of Malta.
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Sainthood Hopes Rise for Father Rutilio Grande

CurrentsNY on Mar 20, 2018 Blessed Oscar Romero is the best-known martyr of El Salvador's civil war. His upcoming canonization has advanced the sainthood cause of another Salvadoran Jesuit, Father … More
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Obvious, why is growing

So much about free speech
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Sólo Díos basta
Peter Thiel, the openly homosexual tech billionaire who bucked both the LGBT lobby and his colleagues to support President Donald Trump in 2016, has … More
Email between Facebook CTO, Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton campaign head John Podesta, signed with Facebook's key

Will Viganò Become Speaker of British Gas Princess Theresa May?

Will Viganò Become Speaker of British Gas Princess Theresa May? Yesterday, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Monsignor Dario Viganó, the first Prefect of the Vatican Secretariat for Communicat… More
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Bergoglio accused Catholics of raping prostitutes, favoring the NGO Alameda from Argentina…/pagina.html “Who goes with prostitutes is a criminal and tortures women” “Most of the prostitutes’ clients are Catholics, baptized…
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It's all a big demonic show. They've picked out the most evil people on earth and have given them a platform to discuss their "concerns" about what … More
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The Future Of The Church Is The Traditional Latin Mass

The Old Latin Mass attracts young people because it challenges them, said Bertalan Kiss, the Hungarian president of the youth movement Foederatio Internationalis Juventutem who presently is in Rome …
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"The holy sufferings of Jesus is a sea of sorrows, but it is also a sea of love. Ask the Lord to teach you to fish in this sea. Immerse yourself in … More
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We will be protected by God.Donald Trump

We will be protected by God.Donald Trump
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Holy Cannoli
I think Trump is a chastisement from God, but a lesser one than Hilary Clinton. Too much CNN/MSNBC can warp the brain. ----------------… More
I am dismayed at those seem to support Trump because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I think Trump is a chastisement from God, but a lesser one … More
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This is the real socialism

Ben Carson explaining to the young people the socialism
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Ordo Militaris Radio
To Order the Flag, go here and follow which button to use if in the US or Outside the US, also include first & last name and mailing address. www.… More
Is there any possibility of delivering that to Austria and if yes what's the shipping plus?

St. Benedict March 21

MARCH 21, 2015 BY FATHER CAROTA St. Benedict March 21 Save St. Benedict of Nursia Founder of western monasticism, born at Nursia, c. 480; died at Monte Cassino, 543. The only authentic life of …
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Católicos Apostólicos
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Donald Trump, in a speech in Philadelphia God Bless USA
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Very interesting fake speech, because he declared a fake unity against a true unity in the truth. Now he lets the cat out of the bag like his … More

General audience on March 21, 2018

Numbers are declining
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Jim Dorchak
Looks real general but not so much audience..............
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50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome

50 Mütter / 50 Kinder / 1 Extra Chromosom Am 21. März ist WeltDownSyndromTag. Passend dazu rgt ein Video im Netz für große Begeisterung, in dem Kinder mit DownSyndrom mit ihren Müttern beim … More
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Ave Crux
One of the most beautiful videos I have ever watched...crying. Thank you.
Aufgenommen ins Album 37 - Jedes Leben ist wertvoll
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Live-streaming Podcast Episode 50: Is it Okay to Be Upset With the Church?

Is it ok to be upset with the church? ~Eric Sammons podcast A lot of good people share the sentiments of this podcast. I think it runs a little shy of an honest look at the current crisis in the … More
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It sounds rational and honest. But the fact is that people - like me - feel betrayed by pope Francis. And when you feel betrayed you don't act fully … More
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The first question of a guest postdoc observer to his tutor in an Austrian state hospital was: Where can I pray? Not where are the Or-Theaters, or … More
Sunamis 46
I hope someone takes the recepies for the good bratwurst, schweinebraten, haxn,and curry wurdt, knödel, schwarzwälder kirsch torte, and hefeweissbier … More
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Roberto 55
Moslems think, they are home. BTW subsaharan people have average IQ around 70, so,,,
Theresia Katharina
Die Räumung durch die Polizei ist richtig!