Blessed Herman of Reichenau - September 25

Herman was born into royalty, the son of a duke of Altshausen. From birth, it was apparent that he would be horribly crippled and disfigured, earning him the less-than-pleasant name of “Hermannus … More
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De Profundis
"O Woman, O Maiden and Mother, now also we need Thee to greet Now in ages of change and of question I come with a prayer to thy feet In the earthqu… More
Yes, and sometimes my mouth/thoughts are quite "impaired"... More
Must read on the Vatican/Beijing betrayal.

Opinion | China’s Worst Western Import

If Christianity is suspect because of its European roots, what about Marxism?
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@Tesa irritatingly can’t follow the link and read the full article without subscription. In my opinion the worst western import by China was … More
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Dutch Bishops: “The Time For Apologising Is Over”

Daphne De Roosendaal, a spokeswoman for the Dutch bishops, has criticised recent hysteria reports on "abuses" in the Netherlands after an oligarch outlet recycled old abuse cases in order to falsely …
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De Profundis
“There is no sinner in the world, however much at enmity with God, who cannot recover God’s grace by recourse to Mary, and by asking her assistance.”… More
The time has come to reject homosexual candidates for the priesthood--oh, and heretics too.
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Francis Blocked Investigation of Abuse Claims Against [Liberal] Cardinal

Pope Francis ordered Cardinal Müller in 2013 to stop investigating allegations against Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor (+2017). Marco Tosatti wrote this on September 24 referring to “…
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De Profundis
Murphy-O'Connor was told by a psychiatrist that Fr Michael Hill identified as a homosexual & that he did not see this as 'abnormal'. In later life … More
We get it...Francis promotes homosexual advocates to positions of authority (James Martin, Bruno Forte)...demotes anyone that’s for following church … More
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Saint Pacificus - September 24

breski1 Pacifico was born into a distinguished family in San Severino in the Marche of Ancona in central Italy. After joining the Friars Minor, he was ordained and taught philosophy for two years … More
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Child's development from fertilization to birth

LIFE begins at the moment of fertilization — it's a fact of science! Pass this along to share the humanity of the preborn.
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George Weigel: "it is impossible to imagine that any candidate proposed by the Chinese authorities at the local level will not have been thoroughly vetted for reliability as a Communist puppet."

Another Vatican Diplomatic Blunder | National Review

The lesson of this debacle that paper promises mean nothing to totalitarians has not been learned in the Vatican.
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@De Profundis George Weigel seems nostalgic for JP2, but although wholly neo-con in foreign policy thinking, his writing is useful, and the Ostpolit… More
De Profundis
@Prayhard - Concedo totum. And also disagree on Weigel's position concerning Russia.
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Francis: "Differences" With Protestants Are Not "Divisions"

Pope Francis addressed an ecumenical prayer meeting in the cathedral of Riga, Latvia, during his Apostolic Visit to the Baltic states on September 24. According to, he asked his audie…
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Oh yes, there is a great divide between heretics and Catholics. The so-called pope is merely misinformed.
@De Profundis thank you...but i’ll pass

Bishop Schneider Criticises Pius X's and Pius XII's Liturgical Revolutions

Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider has criticised two liturgical “revolutions” which preceded Paul VI's 1970 disastrous Novus Ordo reform. Talking to (September 21), Schneider …
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Exactly! It is needed today, MORE THAN EVER BEFORE - to return to those Traditions handed down to us - whether it be following the ancient Breviary … More
God bless Bishop Schneider!
Just 24 hours after Ireland's constitutional protection of the unborn ended, Health Minister Simon Harris announced that abortion will be provided free on the health service, at the expense of the … More

Irish taxpayers to fund abortions

Simon Harris - using abortion to distract from problems in Ireland's health service? Is this what the Irish people want the healthcare budget spent …
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There’s a price to pay for being a modern progressive society which the great unwashed Irish idiots are happy to fork out put that leprech… More
Kill your baby for free! Irish apostates!
It must be noted that, when combined with its other spellings, such as Mohammad, Muhammed and Mohammed, the name of Islam’s prophet becomes the single most used name for new born boys in the UK.

PressTV-Muhammad among top 10 baby names in UK

The name of Islam’s prophet was the 10th most popular name given to baby boys in the UK and Wales last year, official data shows.
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It used to be number 1...are muslims contracepting too?
Subjectively "Mohammad of islam" for many may be a "prophet". Fortunately, Triune God has given prophets only in one true religion. At first in Old … More

Dialogue 72

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #72
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Washington Basilica Rector Rossi has a New Jersey beach pad

George Neumayr on facebook "I'm told that Monsignor Rossi, in addition to what he calls his "sex pad" in Florida, has a beach pad in New Jersey. The Catholic U student, Matthew Riedlinger, with whom … More
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The aggression in the monastery of Santa Maria dei Franconi, where last night a Benedictine Nigerian cloister has flung herself against a priest hitting her head several times with a brick. The … More

Veroli, nun attacks priest by hitting him in the head with a brick

VEROLI – The aggression in the monastery of Santa Maria dei Franconi, where last night a Benedictine Nigerian cloister has flung herself against a …
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Cardinal Cupich Against Father Paul Kalchik

Look at the Cardinal's wording: Destruction of a priest = "pastoral support so his needs can be assessed" from Cardinal Blase Cupich.
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Modernists are masters in linguistic manipulation. Whilst neo/ post-modernists are reaching limits of diabolical manipulation...

Fr Fessio, Pope Francis is attacking Vigano while everyone is asking for answers

Father Joseph Fessio, an American Jesuit who has published the works of Joseph Ratzinger at Ignatius Press, told that the former Pope likely knows of the efforts to pit him against Francis, "…
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Don Reto Nay
Is/was Benedict XVI much of "a man"?