Fourth O Antiphon. O Clavix David!

The 4th Part of our Gloria.Tv Retreat
Gloria Thomas
This is as a supernatural shower of the riches of clarity! All things cohere in Christ.

God Created Them Man and Woman. The Church of England Knew Better

God created them man and woman. The Church of England knew better. Thomson Reuters : Transgender members of the 85-million-strong Anglican faith …
Jesus come quickly ,and clean our mess
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A great theologian of the homo-heretical Nu-Church.
Vered Lavan
The Our Lady of Guadelupe Monastery Monastery ist now 27 years old:…/30964-our-lady-…
Vered Lavan
@Sonia Chrisye - Ja - als ich die Pläne sah, dachte ich man hätte den Klosterbau von St. Gallen oder Ähnliches vor sich.

La Virgen de Guadalupe

One of my photos of the sacred tilma of St Juan Diego, on which this image of Our Lady was miraculously imprinted on this day, 12th December, in 1531. Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr More
A scientific documentary on the miraculous aspects of Our Lady's Tilma of Guadalupe is linked below She appeared on December 12, 1531 and the stars … More

Providence Heights College of Sister Formation, 1961 [Part 2 of 2]

Includes audio. Introduction to Providence Heights, founded in 1961 in Issaquah, Washington. The campus served as both the College of Sister Formation for the Sisters of Providence and other women … More
Just of the eve of the Great Catastrophe, the Dolours of Holy Mother Church.
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“Liberal” Bishops Turn Hyper-Authoritarian Against Catholics - Cardinal Müller

Liberal Bishops undermine their authority by demanding obedience to false teachings and violations of the moral law, Cardinal Gerhard Müller wrote in a statement on (December 12). …
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Creepy, Mom Sings Lullaby She Says Her Baby “Gave” Her Before Aborting

A pro-life group has released an unbelievable video of a mother signing a creepy lullaby that her baby “gave” her before she killed her baby in an abortion. The woman sang the song recently at a “… More
Its very sad , that people are so very much deceived by evil
Abortion is two-fold, it kills the baby and it destroys the mother. This woman is trying to come to terms with what she just did. Pray for her and … More
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Mélanie Calvat (1831-1904) Our Lady of La Salette declared to Melanie: "The Church will be in eclipse." "Eclipse" means hidden; covered up; seeming … More
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Pell Witch Trial: "Total Astonishment" Over Bogus Conviction

There was a “total astonishment” in the court-room after a Melbourne jury convicted Cardinal George Pell on December 11, reported. Those present in the court-room spoke of a “terribl…
If he is innocent ,somebody worked really hard to incriminate him
De Profundis
Sources say that the hang Jury in the first Hearing was deadlocked 10-2 in favor of Pell.


Luke 2:1-14 (KJV) 1 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed. 2 (And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was gover… More
God Bless you - Happy Christmas!

Light of Truth - 68

This week in the Light of Truth Fr. Luuk OP starts with answering some of the questions which came from last weeks program and then started with the reading of The Gospel According to Saint John. … More

First Miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe

On 12th December 1531, Our Lady of Guadalupe simultaneously imprinted her image on the tilma of St Juan Diego, and he also appeared to his sick uncle, Juan Bernardino who was at home in Tulpetlac, … More
The Tilma of Guadalupe, the Living Image More

Old Rite Priest Claims that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist

Old Rite Priest Claims that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist The Catholic Register, owned by the Archdiocese of Toronto, published on November 30 an article about the Old Rite Priestly … More
Holy Cannoli
He sees you when you're sleepin’ He knows when you're awake He knows if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake… More
Vered Lavan
A wounderful new monastery of the Tradition (SSPX) in New-Mexico!: Our Lady Of Guadalupe Monastery Silver City NM.

Did the Vatican just cover-up for Austrian bishop implicated in financial and moral scandal?

The Vatican stopped the release of a financial audit that was said to contain 'explosive' information and be of 'criminal relevance.'
The link is causing problems - this should work, God Bless you Tesa - hope your Christmas is a lovely one for you and your loved ones ! www.lifesite… More

La Guadalupana

The beautiful hymn to Our Lady of Guadalupe, sung at the conclusion of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis, this evening in St. Peter's Basilica.