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Braga Archbishop Encourages Mortal Sin

Archbishop Jorge Ortiga of Braga, Portugal, published on January 17 sacrilegious guidelines admitting adulterers to the sacraments and contradicting the Gospel and Catholic doctrine. According to …
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Archbishop Jorge Ortiga of Braga you have ignored the prophecy revealed by one of Fatima's visionary - sister Lucy who wrote her response to Cdl. … More
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Someone apparently injured along popemobile route after Mas in Iquique.

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Pope stepped out of popemobile to check if the person was ok.
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Uncle Joe
January 18, 2018 12:08 PM Updated 1 hour 20 minutes ago IQUIQUE, Chile 2 p.m. Pope Francis has brought his motorcade to a halt to check on a police … More

Look at Greg Burke's face defending Francis' Air-Wedding

Vatican News on Twitter: "Pope Francis performed on Thursday the first-ever papal marriage ceremony aboard the plane bound for Iquique, the final day of his Apostolic Visit to Chile! Greg Burke, … More
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Joseph a' Christian
@Jim Dorchak Unless Bergoglio makes an announcement that this wedding is amoris latetia in aktion, then kongratulates the bride on her third marriag… More
Jim Dorchak
Wonderful! They now are No longer living in Sin! Now they can go to confession and then......... if in a state of grace........... receive communion. Totally Legit! Right?
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Gwaredd Thomas
If you're Bergoglio then being married three time just 'ain't" no big deal. Do I hear four? Yeah, "the happy couple". Is everybody happy!? 🤬

News on the Order of Malta

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Via Damian Thompson
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Francis Celebrates Marriage On The Airplane

Pope Francis married on January 18 a couple during his flight from Chile to Peru. The spouses, Paula Podesta and Carlos Ciuffardi, both flight attendants, have been civilly married for years. A 2010 …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Wonder if the wedding present was a bag of ‘Amoris Lettuce’
"A small ceremony was started in the place, he asked us for the rings and he asked us if there was love in our marriage, if we wanted to continue … More

What Does the HOLY SPIRIT Do?

Our Best Friend! Who is HE, and What does HE do?
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Great Video, very encouraging!

Rare recording, T.S. Eliot reads his famous ‘Four Quartets’

Tommy Eliot!!!? From Saint Lou!!? THE Tommy Eliot!? Man, have youse changed.
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Francis de Sales, Why you shouldn’t fear the future

St. Francis de Sales: "Do not look forward to the trials and crosses of this life and fear. Rather, look to them with full confidence that, as they arise, God, to whom you belong, will deliver you …
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"Pange lingua" by Anton Bruckner (Concordia Chamber Choir; Bradley Naylor, guest conductor)

Concordia Chamber Choir (Athens, GA) sings "Pange lingua" by Anton Bruckner during its spring concert at First Presbyterian Church of Athens, GA. Jason Bennett, director; Jacob Coleman, piano; … More
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Francis Attracts Only Very Small Crowd For Youth Meeting

Pope Francis met on January 17, during his journey in Chile, young people at the National Shrine of Maipu. He asked them to help the Church “to be more faithful to the Gospel” although Francis himsel…
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Gwaredd Thomas
What? No make out tents? And I don't see any booze bottles laying about but I'll wager that there's plenty of "hosts" being trampled underfoot. Ah, yes, those fun-loving yuts. 🤯
Dr Stuart Reiss
Chilians have better things to do....get a shower...look after goats...cut toe nails....etc
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“Catholic Doctrine is Not Subject to Paradigm Shifts”

Cardinal Piero Parolin's claim that Amoris Laetitia has resulted from a “new paradigm” was sharply criticised by Father Gerald Murray, a canon lawyer and New York priest. Talking to EWTN (January…
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Stonka Ziemniaczana
Father Murray - being probably a very good canonist or theologian - doesn't understand a simple thing. This bunch of heretics and apostates will … More
Dr Stuart Reiss
@tessa we are already there....
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Saint Margaret of Hungary

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"Almighty God, by the working of the Holy Spirit, you made the virgin, Saint Margaret, renowned for the grace of self-denial. Grant that we may never oppose your will, but always faithfully carry … More
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The Anger of Jesus - Jan 17 - Homily - Fr Matthias

Fr Matthias explains that in today's Gospel Our Lord gives us the example of how a Christian should manage anger. Ave Maria! Mass: St. Anthony of Egypt - Mem Readings: Wednesday 2nd Week of Ordinar… More
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The Holy Year of 1950

A film about the Catholic holy year celebration in the Vatican in Rome in 1950. To purchase a clean DVD or digital download of this film for personal home use or educational use contact us at … More
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BREAKING: First U.S. president to address the March for Life

President Trump will be the first U.S. president in history to address the March for Life which will take place this Friday, January 19. From the article at LifeSite News: Previous Republican preside…
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Apostolic Journey to Chile - Visit to the Female Central Penitentiary of Santiago 2018-01-16

Santiago - Visit to the Female Central Penitentiary “San Joaquín”
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Francis Attacked

Newspaper Thrown at Francis: Pope Francis was pelted with a newspaper on Monday before celebrating Mass in Santiago del Chile while driving in his Papa Mobile. Users commented on that he … More
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"Better served with a Catechism"...LOL
Pope Francis should be happy the attack wasn't worse. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call for him but probably and unfortunately will not as he … More

Multiple Muslim bakeries refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple in Dearborn

Multiple Muslim bakeries refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple in Dearborn Michigan - all received a copy of this video, and refused to report.
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Gwaredd Thomas
Yes, the "gay" heads would roll. Dem Moozlims are rather proficient at that sort of thing I hear.
Good for the mulins. Of course, if the gays really pushed it, heads would roll.
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President Trump to address March for Life via live stream

The March for Life is honored to announce that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will address the 45th annual March for Life live from the White House Rose Garden via …
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Bishop Taylor refuses to attend pro-life march given the keynote speaker, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, "worked tirelessly to secure the executio… More
I am astonished at a media so curious about Trump's health when they couldn't ask a single question about Hillary's "pneumonia."