Dialogue 72

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #72
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Washington Basilica Rector Rossi has a New Jersey beach pad

George Neumayr on facebook "I'm told that Monsignor Rossi, in addition to what he calls his "sex pad" in Florida, has a beach pad in New Jersey. The Catholic U student, Matthew Riedlinger, with whom … More
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The aggression in the monastery of Santa Maria dei Franconi, where last night a Benedictine Nigerian cloister has flung herself against a priest hitting her head several times with a brick. The … More

Veroli, nun attacks priest by hitting him in the head with a brick

VEROLI – The aggression in the monastery of Santa Maria dei Franconi, where last night a Benedictine Nigerian cloister has flung herself against a …
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Cardinal Cupich Against Father Paul Kalchik

Look at the Cardinal's wording: Destruction of a priest = "pastoral support so his needs can be assessed" from Cardinal Blase Cupich.
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Modernists are masters in linguistic manipulation. Whilst neo/ post-modernists are reaching limits of diabolical manipulation...

Fr Fessio, Pope Francis is attacking Vigano while everyone is asking for answers

Father Joseph Fessio, an American Jesuit who has published the works of Joseph Ratzinger at Ignatius Press, told that the former Pope likely knows of the efforts to pit him against Francis, "…
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Joseph Fessio SJ (in 1975 earned his doctorate in theology from the University of Regensburg. His thesis director was Joseph Ratzinger
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Yes and No: Vatican Does Not Recognise SSPX But Appoints SSPX Judges

The Vatican appointed Bishop Bernard Fellay in several cases as judge and in one case even as a judge of the second instance when he was the superior general of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X (…
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Why is it that Bishop Fellay is not more worried about whether nowadays Rome itself recognizes Catholic religion and Church? The material internal … More

Prominent Bergoglio Archbishop in Troubles

Archbishop Mario Delpini of Milan, Italy, the biggest diocese of the world, is in troubles after Father Mauro Galli, 32, was condemned to six years and four month in prison. In December 2011, only …
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Pope Francis’ Cover-up Will Continue

Pope Francis’ Cover-up Will Continue Marco Tosatti wrote on his blog on September 21 that neither Pope Francis nor the Secretary of State nor the cardinals quoted by whistle-blower Archbishop Viganò … More
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Holy Cannoli
The Organization of Moldovan Muslims support
Holy Cannoli
...journalists of the oligarch media, with rare exceptions, have concentrated on denigrating Viganò’s person but have not gone further. The above … More
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Gellért Hill, Budapest

asafscher on Sep 21, 2018 Gerard or Gerard Sagredo (Hungarian: Gellért; Italian: Gerardo di Sagredo; 23 April 977/1000 – 24 September 1046) was the first Bishop of Csanád in the Kingdom of Hungary … More
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Selfish-Ambition is Dangerous

Selfish-ambition is dangerous! Humility is the best way. A homily by Fr. Jason Worthley. More posts by Father Jason Worthley are at and… More
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary - Amazing Scientific Analysis

Our Lady of Guadalupe Documentary - Amazing Scientific Analysis December 1531, Mexico. The Virgin Mary appears to a Indian humble peasant, but nobody believes in him. On Her request the Indian wraps … More
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A Camino de Santiago Story: To The End of the World

Experience the romantic, 540-mile Camino de Santiago as Hank Leukart walks across Northern Spain with an inspiring group of friends in this unique documentary film. (Haga clic en en el icono de … More
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Excellent. Hope they got married
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Padre Pio Miracle Man


Padre Pio in Italian with English subtitles
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Pacocatolic Saints of the Day: saint-padre-pio/ (Memorial) Three Child Martyrs of Tlaxcala saint-antonio-of-tlaxcala/ saint-… More
Saint of the Day for September 23 (May 25, 1887 – September 23, 1968) In one of the largest such ceremonies in history, Pope John Paul … More

Archbishop Lefebvre speaks frankly about the Pope (1976)

lefebvre, traditional Catholic, vatican, sspx, tridentine, pope, bishop williamson, sedevacantist
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If only his sons in the Society leadership today continued to speak as frankly. Sadly, it seems that when the Society does finally say something … More

Requiem for the Pro-Life Movement - The Aquila Report

The pro-life movement on Capitol Hill will languish as long as its leaders on and off the hill continue to defer to a leadership far more interested …
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A Homosexual Party for Cardinal McCarrick

The renowned journalist Marco Tosatti wrote on his blog (September 21) about a party thrown in honour Cardinal Theodore McCarrick somewhere in the Castelli Romani, a short distance south-east of …
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@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis Angamaly land deal case is not linked to this. Cardinal George Alancherry is the person behind that!
@josettan the old report is at the start of this nonsense. Just to show that GTV has been covering the story. If you look carefully, three posts … More

Soul Attacked

When waters are troubled, the Devil goes fishing. That Our Lady step in, we need all to be wishing! Archbishop Viganò’s revelations of grave moral corruption among a number of the Church’s highest …
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Anti-Catholic Outlet Calls Francis "Cold-Blooded Machiavellian" and "Liar"

The German oligarch outlet Spiegel, founded by a former Nazi journalist, quoted in a recent cover story about Pope Francis an anonymous Vatican Cardinal. This Cardinal, “advanced in years”, described…
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Dr Bobus
Smart money says the source is Cardinal Walter Brandmüller More
The Mananthavady diocese had recommended disciplinary action against Sister Lucy three months ago for allegedly posting some statements against the Church in social media, for purchasing a car … More

Asked to keep away from church duties after taking part in protest against bishop Nun

PTI September 23, 2018 14:16 IST Wayanad, Sep 23 (PTI) A nun belonging to the Syro Malabar Catholic church alleged she was asked to keep away from …
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