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San Juan de la Cruz, Doctor de la Iglesia, Fray Antonio Royo Marin OP

SAN JUAN DE LA CRUZ - DOCTOR MISTICO. Fray Royo Marín O.P. ...excelente
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Radical Jesuit: New French Our Father Distorts Meaning

The French translation of the Our Father "let us not fall into temptation“ does not correspond to the Greek original text nor to the image of God in the Bible according to the German pro-gay Jesuit …
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Dec. 14, Bl. Conrad of Offida, Confessor of the first Order.

Blessed Conrad was born in 1241. At the age of fifteen, he entered the Order of St. Francis. He began his theological studies with success, then gave them up with great humility to devote himself to … More
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No sorry, I do not know. Perhaps St. Francis?
@kam, do you know who is represented in the person on the left?

Church Renewal Will Not Come From Germany

Christ Or Money: The new Polish prime-minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called on the European Union to return to its values and to its traditional Christian roots. Talking to the Catholic TV Trwam he … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Catholic Poland needs to part from the pagan, money pigs of the EU. Almighty God bless the Polish Catholics, for proclaiming Christ is our King, at their huge gathering.
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Francis Shifts Church Focus From Eternal Salvation To Material Life

Since Pope Francis was elected, the pro-life movement “has struggled under a growing confusion from what was once its most solid backing” said John-Henry Westen, one of the signers of the “Pledge …
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John-Henry Westen is absolutely right! On the other hand, if Pope Francis is going to refer to faith as unattainable, maybe he is better … More
Oh and tell me how the catholic church is different from protestants or orthodox. There’s one catholic message? The catholic church is concerned about Christ? Well not any more.

Has Ecclesiastic Rule of Law Turned into Dictatorship?

Kurt Martens, professor of Canon Law at the Catholic University of America asks whether we are at the end of the rule of law in the Church. Writing on Twitter (December 12), he mentions a case befor…
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Vatican Wants To Unmask Author of “The Dictator Pope”

Pope Francis had been given a list of six names who possibly wrote The Dictator Pope. The anonymous author told Catholic Herald (December 13) via email that he will eventually be unmasked since …
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Why Vatican wants to unmask the author of that book ,does not Pope Francis say that we have to follow our consciences? .besides whats to be afraid … More
Oh I thought Bergoglio was sleeping soundly after this book came out. That’s what archbishop kissy face said.
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"Forum - Lectiones Latinitatis Vivae" Author's Review

After years guiding students into the provinces of Koine Greek, the Polis Method now moves west toward the domains of Latinitas. Forum: Lectiones Latinitatis Vivae is a new Latin textbook put … More
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jamacor This is the Polis website. Address: 8 HaAyin Het St. 9511208 Jerusalem. Tel: +972 (0)74 7011048 Fax: +972(0)74 7021931
The link to polis jerusalem is being marked as potential malware, etc!

Pilgrim's Hymn- Stephen Paulus

University of Utah Singers Stephen Paulus (August 24, 1949 – October 19, 2014) was a Grammy winning American composer, best known for his operas and choral music. His best-known piece is his 1982 … More
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Master of Arts in Near Eastern Languages (2 years)

This programs consists of intensive language courses (Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, and Syriac), both ancient and modern, and courses on history, religion, literature, and societies of the ancient and …
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I Am Your Mother

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A photo of the true face of Mary, the ever-virgin Mother of God from the sacred tilma of St Juan Diego. A replica image, which has been touched to this, has been permanently installed in our Rosary … More
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Ludowość,pobożność ludowa jest w nas wszystkich bo pierwsi ludzie na ziemi to byli pasterze i rolnicy.Prości ludzie kochają ziemię którą uprawiają i … More

Merry Christmas 2017- Benedictine College

Joseph - Fr. Simon Baker OSB, Chaplain Mary - Sister Joan Kolbe Kjerstad MS, student Jesus - R. Rieger Shepherds - Eli Pruneda, Horacio Gonzalez, Peter Kinskey, John Paul Hoopes Reader - Abbot … More
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Prayer to St. Lucy, for the eyes of the body and those of the soul

Preserve also the eyes of my soul, the faith, through which I can know my God ... O St Lucy, you preferred to let your eyes be torn out instead of denying the faith and defiling your soul; and God, …
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Founding member of CFRs and EWTN host Fr. Andrew Apostoli dies at age 75

.- Franciscan friar and EWTN host Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR, passed away on the morning of Dec. 13, his community has confirmed. Fr. Apostoli was a …
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Heavens grace chose for him the blessed No 13 ! – In Hebrew two words tell 13 : "One" אחד and "Love" אהבה. You may not have known that hebrew signs … More
May he rest in peace...
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Dec. 13, Bl. Pius Bartosik, Priest, Conventual religious, Martyr 1941

Ludwik Bartosik was born on August 21st, 1909, at Kokanin, near Kalisz. He was the firstborn of Wojciech, shoemaker, and Wiktoria Tomczyk. His parents were very poor. Thanks to the efforts of the … More
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Cardinal Müller, Francis‘ Recent Move Is Disturbing

Cardinal Gerhard Müller calls it “disturbing” that Pope Francis declared the Buenos Aires bishops’ interpretation of Amoris Laetitia “authentic magisterium”. Talking to the National Catholic Registe…
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Don Reto Nay
Yes, "scandal and division should be avoided", but the fact is that scandal and division have not been avoided, they are here, and we have to do … More
Dr Stuart Reiss
But seriously as much as I am unaware of a canonical process to judge the reigning pontiff, cannon 1405 says the first see cannot be judged and … More