How can I be FILLED with the Holy Spirit?

How can we all be filled with the Holy Ghost?
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Great Video, we all need to be Filled!!!!

Guam Archbishop Apuron denies sex abuse allegation by nephew, all others

Archbishop Anthony Apuron issued a statement denying all allegations of sexual abuse made against him, including the latest one by his nephew.
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Francis’ Airplane-Wedding Was Planned Beforehand

The wedding ceremony with Pope Francis in the airplane on January 18 was apparently not a “spontaneous idea” as claimed by Francis’ partisan Father Antonio Spadaro. The Chilean newspaper El Merc…
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How much did they pay them?
Dr Stuart Reiss
Its a bit like his humility that hes proud of..and his poverty thats expensive.....his faith which he doubts.....and his mercy thats vindictive....… More
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What an inspiring president! May God bless you, guide you and protect you from the evil one President Trump.
Imagine what Hillary would have said if she were president. Thank you, Lord for being so merciful to our country.
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Apostolic Unity

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"Jesus went up into the hills and summoned those he wanted. So they came to him and he appointed twelve; they were to be his companions and to be sent out to preach, with power to cast out devils. … More
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Pope in Peru

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Look slike the hats they wear at german fasching
Such dignity!
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Pope Francis comforts policewoman thrown from horse

AFP news agency on Twitter: "Break in protocol -- Pope Francis stops the popemobile to attend to a policewoman who was thrown off her horse as he passed behind her in Iquique, Chile"
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Poor if she’s not had enough already.....thrown off by a horse and attention by a jackass
@Uncle Joe Absolutely hilarious - Thank you Uncle Joe. I'm just hoping he didn't end the exchange with "Do you want to be the first woman Cardinal?"
The case of Barros and its handling is mysterious.

Pope Accuses Sex Abuse Victims in Chile of Slandering Bishop

Pope Francis’ defense of a bishop accused of protecting a pedophile priest cast a shadow over a trip meant to repair the Catholic Church’s image.
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Only a few years ago bishops in Ireland (one ordained me) were stepping down from their sees for far less. How come these guys (there's more than … More
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German Old-Rite Trappist Abbey Will Be Closed Down

The old-rite Trappist abbey of Mariawald, Germany, will be closed down. The Vatican, the Trappist order, and the Diocese of Aachen on whose territory the abbey is located, have announced this in …
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It is sad
A November 2016 item from ( Abtei Mariawald: Unruhe nach dem Rücktritt von Joseph Vollberg : Abbey Mariawald: unrest after the … More
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The Old Rite Is “Breathtakingly Beautiful”

Father Cassian Folsom, the founder of the Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy, experienced the Old Latin Mass first in the 1990s while vising the monastery in Le Barroux, France. Folsom told onepete…
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Putin braves icy water for traditional Epiphany dip

Putin braves icy water for traditional Epiphany dip ©
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Don Reto Nay
@mccallansteve : What did he exactly say?
Putin has recently praised lenin and likened Christianity to communism. He is not to be trusted.
Per the Rite of Matrimony consent is sought from each party individually and must be oriented to marrying the other party at this time; the request is not posed as a joint question to the couple … More

Thoughts on a mid-air marriage

Show of hands! Who wants to rain all over the sentimental parade lining up behind (what is being presented as) the pope’s facilitation of married …
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May God forgive her and by His grace save this child. Viva Cristo Rey!
Substitute Satan for Allah and you have the truth. Once Christ is rejected, Satan gladly steps in and fill the void.
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Hugh N. Cry
Tobin is a "finger wetter." He uses it to determine the pop culture winds of change. He was bad for Indianapolis and is bad for Newark. Oh heck, he's bad for the universal Church.
Dr Stuart Reiss
Looks like toby has plans for his next conclave stay at casa sancta marta
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Cardinal Koch, Christians Should “Convert" To Ecumenism

The Catholic Church and other Christian communities need a “conversion to the ecumenical search for Christian unity” according to Cardinal Kurt Koch, the President of the Pontifical Council for …
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Jim Dorchak
Translation from the Blather speak; "denounce the Holy Catholic Church".
I guess he wants us to TOTALLY morph into Protestantism?? Is this 'proclamation' of his a 'hint' at the new 'anti mass' Mass that they're cooking up??

Chaplet of the Precious Blood

This Chaplet is divided into seven groups, containing thirty-three "Our Fathers" in honor of the thirty-three years during which the Precious Blood flowed in the veins of Jesus, before it was poured … More
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After Pope Francis performs "first ever" in-flight wedding...

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He is certainly right that the long list of crazy wedding requests is right around the corner. It's being described as the, "first ever marriage a pope has celebrated on board a plane!"
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Why? I place such importance to my children to be married in the church?! Were they married in the Catholic church before?!!!!

The True Flat Earth Map

The True Flat Earth Map - You don't live on a ball!
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Jim Dorchak
@CarolineA03 It is summer here in Chile but if you wait till summer where you are you can prove it to yourself. Go to a lake or pond to go swimming.… More
Jim Dorchak
I have personally seen a ball spinning 10,000 RPS in a vacuum on a magnetic flux platform stabilized with 4 geocentric gyros. So yep 1000 Mph is nothing.