Our Lady of Mount Carmel

"Wear the Scapular devoutly and perseveringly . . . It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger, and a pledge of peace." – Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Stained glass from the Sweetest Heart … More
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SSPX New General Superior - Father Davide Pagliarani

On July 11th, 2018, Father Davide Pagliarani was elected Superior General, for a mandate of 12 years, by the 4th General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X.…/communiqu%C3%A9…More
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Trapped in Paradise: Catholic Nuns in the South Pacific, 1940-1943 Book Trailer

In 1940, four Catholic nuns from Orange California were assigned to mission work on a small island in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. Little did they know, a year and a day later, World … More
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Catholic University Should Apologize for Printing Same-Sex Couple Kissing

Rivier University, a Catholic institution in New Hampshire founded by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, published a "wedding" photo of two women kissing in the pages of its magazine, Rivier …
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Jim Dorchak
Maybe she should go to confession too?
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
No only Apologize they must be removed those responsible must be publicly excommunicated and Catholic parents and students must boycott Rivier … More
Practicing yoga to combat drug addiction. This is the mission of Fr. Joe Pereira, president of the Mumbai NGO Kripa Foundation, that cares for AIDS patients and drug addicts. He was speaking to AsiaN… More

INDIA - UK Indian Priest says practicing yoga helps fight drug addiction'

Today is the fourth World Day of Yoga. A special event in the English House of Lords. Fr. Joe Pereira has been practicing meditation for 50 years …
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it does not help at all
,Archbishop Cordileone’s apparent acceptance of Bromberger’s job as a writer for the [homosexual] Bay Area Reporter is in stark contrast to his numerous public statements condemning homosexual … More

‘Gay’ deacon writes for obscene newspaper with archbishop’s permission

The deacon has continued to write salacious reviews for the “gay” newspaper a year after Archbishop Cordileone learned of it.
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Hermanos católicos huyan de esta secta de apostatas sodomitas no hay excusa de ignorancia los apostatas están rebelándose contra Dios de manera … More
Couple told #IVF "only chance" to have baby conceive eCouple told #IVF "only chance" to have baby conceive eight months after giving it up -ight months after giving it up

I was told to stop IVF because it was hopeless, then I had a baby naturally

“Here I was with this baby girl everyone said I couldn’t have.”
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Let the unborn decide

Let abortion be the child's choice.
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The Devil is he who says he is God. That is, he is one who says that his functions are infinite and cannot be judged. Our present rulers are exactly … More
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Commemoration of the Canonization of Our Holy Father Francis.

Hardly two years had elapsed since the death of St. Francis when Gregory IX, well known as Cardinal Ugolino and the friend and protector of the saint, decided to enroll him solemnly among the saints … More
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I know of no question that Voltaire asked which St. Thomas Aquinas did not ask before him. Only St. Thomas not only asked, but answered the question.
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Homoerotic Vespers to First Mass in Germany

Father Fabian Ploneczka of the diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Germany, celebrated on Sunday his first mass in Augsburg. According to (July 17), the preceding vespers on Saturday was a “homoe…
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How can those people just sit there and allow that to happen?
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart. The Predecessor of Gebhard Fürst is Walter Kasper.…/in-augsburg-mor… More

Children and Society All over the World need Marriage

64 pages
These statistics are no surprise. From 49 countries. Thousands of families.
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Remembering the Martyrs of Compiegne - killed July 17th

“Courage, my sister, the yoke of a Carmelite is necessarily very light or very heavy in proportion as one’s courage bears it or one’s cowardice drags it.” St. Teresa of St. Augustine (Martyr of Compi… More
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Please God , give us more courageous religious like this for our day and age.
There is nothing queerer today than the importance of unimportant things. Except, of course, the unimportance of important things.

Nave of the Sweetest Heart of Mary

The Polish church called "The Sweetest Heart of Mary" in Detroit is one of the largest Gothic Revival churches in the Midwest, and perhaps the most impressive. It was begun in 1892 to a design by … More
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There are two ways to get enough. One is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.

What the Church Can Learn From the Rescue of the Thai Football Team - By Fr Bruno-Philip Penguine

The entire world seems to be rejoicing that the now celebrated football team and their coach in Thailand have been rescued from almost certain death by what initially seemed an impossible project. …
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Liberal Pressure: Articles Exposing Cardinal McCarrick Had to Be Removed

Bart Aslin, a former Newark priest, spoke already in 2006 to Matt C. Abbott about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s behaviour as a homosexual predator. Later Aslin asked for a removal of the article, …
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A man who attacks the Christian religion in the modern world is not an unheard-of or extraordinary person. The extraordinary person is the person … More
Joseph a' Christian
Since the jew owned Amerikan media strongly campaigned for homosexual false marriage as being good for society, they had to lie and re-name predator … More
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Jesuit Supports Murdering Babies – Bishop Plays Scandal Down

Jesuit Father Mario Serrano demonstrated on July 15 in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) at a leftwing march to legalise abortion. Serrano called the killing of children on Twitter (July 13, 15) a “…
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There are no depths to which the modern Jesuits will not sink
So I was an alcoholic, I have been sober for years. So I would not be condemed by our Lord because I couldn't help myself? So I could have continued … More
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Prayer: Good parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, grandparents of our Savior, Jesus Christ, When life seems barren, help us to trust in God's mercy. When we are confused, help us to find the way to … More
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The Life And Revelations Of Anne Catherine Emmerich Complete

1,350 pages
The Life And Revelations Of Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick
Correction: 6 volumes...