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Archbishop Tartaglia : Sign this petition for the Archdiocese of Glasgow to publicly support Father Mark Morris
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Joseph a' Christian
Jesus Is Life!!
Our Lady of Sorrows
Read more about this on Web-site…/glasgow-pride-p… PLEASE ALSO SEE COMMENTS More

Saint Peter’s, May 4th, 1906

illuminated by thousands of lamps for the feast of St. Florian
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Bishop Fellay Again In Charge - Two New Assistants General Announced

The General Chapter of the SSPX has elected two additional Assistants General to serve on the Council of the Superior General, Father Davide Pagliarani, in accordance with the common law of the …
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Joseph a' Christian
The SSPX has divided also, our formerly united Church, has numerous groups all calling themselves Catholic: Bishop Williamson and his followers, … More
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Joseph a' Christian
False Francis is one with the dying, deceitful world. The beautiful soul, our Apostle John wrote in Holy Scripture: a friend of this world is an … More

Radical Vatican About to Take Vengeance on Father Stefano Manelli

Sanctions against Father Stefano Manelli, 85, the founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, are imminent, writes Marco Tosatti (July 21). Manelli’s order languishes under a Vatican …
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THE CARDINAL SINS: Kevin Farrell, Ted McCarrick and the Synod on Young People

Last week, the Catholic twitter verse was chattering about Bishop Thomas Tobin’s embarrassing, but appropriate questionto Cardinal Kevin Farrell.…
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis

Cdl. McCarrick and those who covered for him betrayed their priestly vocation

Jesus never once takes aside an apostle for 'private time.'
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Former Priest: "Our ordinations were in the hands of a predator!"…/former-priest-b…

Cardinal McCarrick was protected by HOMOSEXUALS in the AMERICAN HIERARCHY!

"A blog about the Catholic Church loyal to the Pope and Magisterium. We discuss Catholic social teaching; pro-life
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adeste fideles
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
This cover up of the homosexual predator Ted McCarrick leads us to conclude that not only is there a Gay lobby infiltrated in the Hierarchy but … More

Nelson Mandela Day 2018

July 18th, Nelson Mandela Day 2018, celebrates the centenary of Madiba's birth and pays tribute to his message of peace and justice.
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Our Lady of Sorrows
Unfortunately, Nelson Mandela Signed Law Legalizing Unlimited Abortions…/unfortunately-n… More
He was a communist terrorist murderer.
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Jim Dorchak
It is time that we the LAITY start a fund that will pay private investigators to follow and video these sick men and their "Normalization of homosexu… More
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Less than Ten Percent of German “Catholics” Attend Mass

Only 9.8 percent of German Catholics attended Sunday Mass in 2017, according to official figures released on July 20. For the first time, the number dropped below 10 percent. Germany has turned out …
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Joseph a' Christian
Germans turned away from our Holy Lord Jesus, and now they are ruled by satan- persecuted and raped by legions of demonik Muhammads. Same with the … More
From what I read about German bishops, who can blame them?
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Famous Philosopher Shocked About Disloyalty of Vienna Cardinal Schönborn

The Austrian philosopher Josef Seifert has noticed that articles published by the Austrian bishops’ agency are attacking Catholic teaching on contraception. Talking to OnePeterFive.…
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Holy Cannoli
While the number of Salafists in Germany reaches a record high…/a-43243111 and machete-wielding gangs riot…/… More
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This man cries in front of a Planned Parenthood

This man cries in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic because his son's mother is aborting and he can't help it. Men suffer from abortion and are deeply injured: they are told that they do not have … More
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Fr [later Cardinal] McCarrick with one of his abuse victims

In 2002, McCarrick said: "Hurting a child or a young person through sexual or physical abuse is always despicable and to be condemned whoever the offender is, but when the perpetrator is someone who … More
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Remember Bergoglio's statement that clergy abuse would be dealt with on his watch. Uh sorry, no the abuse continues. Solution: permit the state … More
Disgusting, reprehensible individual. Maybe that's why he was made a cardinal.
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Francis Accepts Resignation of Suspected Gay Bishop

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Juan Pineda Fasquelle, 57, of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on July 20. Pineda is at center of allegations of homosexual abuse and financial …
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Maudie N Mandeville
No worries. Francis has more homosexuals he can replace Pineda with.
If he accepted the resignation of all the gay bishops, how few would be left.

Man Says Cardinal McCarrick, His ‘Uncle Ted,’ Sexually Abused Him for Years

A 60-year-old has told the police that Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, a family friend who baptized him, molested him beginning when he was a minor.
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"Hurting a child or a young person through sexual or physical abuse is always despicable and to be condemned whoever the offender is, but when the … More
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Newly Appointed Bishop Prays Old Breviary

Washington Auxiliary Bishop Michael Fisher often uses an old rite Latin breviary once owned by his great uncle, Father Cornelius Buckley who was a priest of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut. …
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The way he speaks of family is beautiful. He was at his parents' grave when he got word to expect a call regarding his elevation. They both died … More

Francis Is a "Fascist" - Catholic Historian

The American historian John Rao has refuted the thesis that Pope Francis is a Marxist, “I think he’s a fascist. He’s a Peronist and he’s got that same mentality.” Talking to (July …
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Peronism blended various forms of authoritarianism. Nazis were sheltered (it is claimed), Marxist guerrillas were liquidated, yet, after a change of … More
Another genius calling communism 'fascism'. Amazing. In the 60's, it wasn't Gramsci and Frankfurt, it was Mussollini; and pseudo liberation Atheology… More

Requiescat in pace Fr. Tom Forrest, C.Ss.R.

The funeral Mass for Fr. Tom Forrest will be held in a few hours.
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