The "nostalgia" comment at the beginning wasn't necessary. Otherwise, this is a pretty good article.

My first time celebrating a baptism in the Extraordinary Form | Catholic Herald

I have celebrated a baptism in the Extraordinary Form for the first time. I mention this not as the opening salvo in some campaign, rather to …
BREAKING NEWS: In a remarkable act of solidarity, Panama decides to leave their people in the dark physically before Francis leaves them in the dark spiritually! Amazing!

Massive power outage in Panama ahead of papal visit

A massive power outage hit Panama on Sunday, three days before the arrival of Pope Francis for a World Youth Day festival, authorities said.
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Learning at Mass How to Draw Close to God. Reflections on the Liturgy of the Mass in Light of St. …

Learning at Mass How to Draw Close to God. Reflections on the Liturgy of the Mass in Light of St. Josemaría's Writings Juan José Silvestre Valor Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Roma “The …
Fifty years ago, non-Catholics might say things like "Even if the pope were to change the Ten Commandments or the Lord's Prayer, you'd just do as you were told. When he says jump, the only question … More

The Tyranny of the Ignorant

Papa Ratzinger tried to establish a correct translation of the word pollon [many] in the Eucharistic Prayer. He was unable to secure compliance from …
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Archbishop Georg Gänswein Was Absent

Pope Francis received in the library of the Papal apartment the Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed Ali (January 21). Abiy, a Pentecostal Christian, who brought as a gift a painting showing the …
dejelo solo a Francisco Padre, despues de todo ya no lo necesita. Usted es muy valioso para el Papa Francisco.

Saint Remi

Saint Remi, whose feast is today (15th January) "was the son of an aristocratic family in Laon in Picardy. He studied at Rheims and soon became so noted for his learning and sanctity, and his high … More

High Altar of Ste Anne de Detroit

St Anne's church was the first building constructed in Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit, which later developed into the city of Detroit. They began construction of a church on 26 July 1701, the feast … More
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Ecumenism Is Recipe for Failure: Empty Pews At Francis’ Ecumenical Vespers

Pope Francis celebrated Vespers for the beginning of the “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity” in the St Paul Outside the Walls' Basilica, Rome (January 18). The ecumenical event was a failure: There …
GJA Taylor
At last the faithful of Rome give this bad Pope a very wide berth.
My comment slip on the wrong place ,iam sorry
Homophobic Terror.

Google staff complained word FAMILY instead of children was homophobic

Google was forced to backtrack on their use of the word 'family' in 2017 when staff in California complained the term was used in the context of …
Should be satire, but isn't.

Saint Agnes

"Let us keep the feast of blessed Agnes, and recall the kind of suffering she endured:* in the full flower of her youth she died, and found life. She chose to love the Author of life alone;* in the … More
St . Agnes; Great before the Throne of Almighty God!
Was blessed by a relic of the St.
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Vespers with Francis - Emtpty Seats

Second Vespers of the Friday of the First Week of Ordinary Time, for the start of 52nd Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, from the Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, Rome.
Dr Bobus
Francis is giving a very effective demonstration why the Jesuits are dying.

The Restoration of Ave Maria Religious Icon

How many skills are needed to become a conservator ?
good job
Well I think for repairing paintings you should be able to paint properly. Someone should have told this chap that its not an embroidered piece so … More
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Highly reccomended list

Tearing grace into one's soul.
Most excellent rules to strive to live by
My self i believe i sin more then 7 times daily
Magazine "Inside the Vatican" selects Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò among its Top 10 People of 2018.

Letter #2, 2019: Top Ten

Thursday, January 17, 2019 “We choose Alfie Evans, who died in England on April 28, just before his second birthday (it would have been on May 9), …
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Vienna Cardinal Defends Gay Dancer on Cathedral’s Communion Rail

It was “not principally inappropriate” to [ab]use Vienna Cathedral for a scene in the [gay] show Jedermann reloaded, Dr Dorothee Bauer, a spokesperson for pro-gay Vienna Cardinal Schönborn wrote …
For the cardinal, nothing that attacks God is inappropriate.
The House of God its not for shows ,its for prayer ,thanks giving ,meditation ,reconciliation ,to God

Pope Francis Has A Spin Doctor

Pope Francis Has A Spin Doctor Pope Francis has a spin doctor who pushes the Church to the left, writes the pro-Francis Italian newspaper Il Giornale. The paper identifies the spin doctor as pro-gay … More
Holy Cannoli
Pope Francis Has A Spin Doctor More