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I'm a married Catholic priest who thinks priests shouldn't get married | Commentary

My wife and I, we have four children, all younger than 7. Ours is not a quiet house.A house of screaming and a house of endless snot, it's also a...
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"I'm able to be a Catholic priest because of the Pastoral Provision of Saint John Paul II, which was established in the early 1980s. This provision … [More]
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Mar 23 - Homily: Christ's Authority over Devils

Fr. Matthias describes how Jesus has authority over demons and gives the same authority to the Church via the sacraments and sacramentals, including exorcism but also devotion to Our Lady including consecration. Ave Maria! Mass: Thursday 3rd Week … [More]
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Know Your Saints - Mary of the Cross

RandomCatholicThoughs on Aug 8, 2016 August 8th is the feast of Australia's first and (as of 2016) only saint: Mary of the Cross/Mary MacKillop. She is an inspiration to us all.
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Girl Steals Pope's Hat

wochitnews on Mar 22, 2017 Pope Francis is used to greeting all different kinds of people and seems to love that aspect of his job. On Wednesday the Pope got a special greeting from a 3 year old little girl named Estella. A Vatican aide lifts … [More]
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Gloria.TV News on the 23rd of March 2017

Condemned: The Argentinean Supreme Court confirmed a 15-year prison sentence for Father Julio César Grassi for abuse of minors. Grassi became famous for his work for children, he had his own radio show and was well connected to politics. After … [More]
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Liberals Never Have Vocations: The longing of the liberals is probably not a life in God, the eternal covenant and unity with God, but in perishable … [More]
Holy Cannoli
Catholic University Does it really surprise anyone that a Catholic University (located anywhere) would throw a pro-life professor under the bus? “… [More]
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March Magnificat: The commentary of the cover

And Mary Conceived Through the Holy Spirit by Michel Feuillet Painted in Novgorod, Russia, around 1130, The Annunciation of Ustyug is of exemplary purity. Mary stands. Over her blue gown she wears the maphorion, a long red veil covering her head … [More]
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OPEN LINE Wednesday- Fr. Mitch Pacwa SJ - 3/22/17

Call - 1- 800-585-9396 or 205-271-2985 TEXT US: text the letters 'ewtn' to 55000 - wait for response then reply with first name and question or WRITE to us:
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Francis: No Catholic Mass available? Just go to the Anglicans!

Tradcatknight: Francis: No Catholic Mass available? Just go to the Anglicans! Every day we are being drowned in news about “Pope” Francis and the Vatican machinery. The incessant flood of information is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone …
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No true pope available ? Just go to .....?
Of course. All religions are the same. You don't need the Catholic mass and sacraments as long you "worship" the same god. I know some people who drive 2 hours to attend the Latin mass.

Another Woman Hospitalized After Abortion

Feb. 16, 2017: Woman suffers seizures during an abortion at the Jacksonville Women's Choice abortion facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Abortion facilities are not equipped to cope with even the most basic complication. This places women's lives at … [More]
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Saint Turibius of Mogrevejo - March 23

bresk1 Born to the nobility. Lawyer. Professor of law at Salamanca, Spain. Ordained in 1578 at age 40. Judge of the Court of the Inquisition at Granada, Spain. Archbishop of Lima, Peru on 15 May 1579. Founded the first seminary in the Western hemis… [More]
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Tina 13
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The Passion of Saints

silversummer17 on Jul 26, 2013 Quotes from the Saints on the Passion of Our Lord Let us hear from the saints how profitable to our souls it is to meditate on the sufferings of Our Lord. St. Bonaventure: “He who desires to go on advancing from virtue… [More]
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saumiguel Although SUPER EARLY: A Blessed EASTER....

LECTURA ESPIRITUAL - k033 - Cuaresma, Miercoles III

Lectura espiritual-22-03-2017-P Nelson Medina.
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ABC News - 3-year-old Atlanta girl snatches Pope Francis' zucchetto right off his head during trip …

3-year-old Atlanta girl snatches Pope Francis' zucchetto right off his head during trip to the Vatican with family.
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De Profundis
Bei dem Kind handelt es sich Estella. Sie ist drei Jahre alt und kommt aus den USA. Nach Rom brachte sie ihr Patenonkel, Mountain Butorac. Beim … [More]
mk 11,15-18
lasset die Kinder zu mir kommen ............ danke De Profundis

Solemnity of St. Joseph

Father Odon's homily for the Solemnity of St. Joseph 2017 - Pray for final perseverance
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Saint Catherine of Genoa - March 22

breski1 formerly 22 March Profile Daughter of Jacopo Fieschi and Francesca di Negro, Geonese nobles; she was related to Pope Innocent V and Pope Adrian V, and her father became viceroy of Naples, Italy. Youngest of five children. A pious and prayer… [More]
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Curia Surprises Francis with One-Way Ticket to Buenos Aires

Roman Curia officials pulled out all the stops this year to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Pope Francis’ accession to the Throne of St. Peter after scrounging
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Dr Stuart Reiss
If only it were......ah...blast it...this fellow is a leech...will never resign...