1. Russia will no longer play games and engage in back-room negotiations over trifles. But Russia is prepared for serious conversations and agreements, if these are conducive to collective security, … More

Russia Vilified - Eleison Comments

Attackers may attack in self-defence. Blame not for sure the one who did commence. On the international scene for several years now Russia has been …

Francis Still Promotes Main Cause of Abuses – Archbishop Viganò

Whistle-Blower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò who is still in hiding, has published an article on clerical abuses on (February 16). As the primary cause of the abuses he identifies …
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Cardinal Burke: Francis' False Abu-Dhabi-Claim Needs to be Removed [But It Will Not]

The claim that the “diversity of religions is willed by God” must be removed from Francis' Abu Dhabi Declaration because it is "not correct" - Cardinal Raymond Burke writes on (Februa…
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Prayer to the Blessed Mother:

O most holy, most amiable and most glorious Virgin, Mother of God. Mistress and Advocate to whom we are all vowed and consecrated, making it our glory to belong to thee as children, servants and … More
Tina 13
Ave Maria ....
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Booker T. Washington

Up from slavery. More
“I learned the lesson that great men cultivate love, and that only little men cultivate a spirit of hatred.” Booker T. Washington (1856-1915) More
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Cardinal Müller: Francis Is "No Heretic" - He Is "Orthodox”

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has repeated his implausible theory according to which Pope Francis is a victim of those he keeps surrounding himself with. Müller told the anti-Catholic fake-news magazine …
Hugh N. Cry

Lateran Baptistery ceiling

The domed octagonal Lateran Baptistery stands somewhat apart from the Basilica of St John Lateran, Rome's Cathedral church. This baptistery was founded by Pope Sixtus III in 440, perhaps on an … More

Marcos Teixeira

(Jacareí Apparitions / São Paulo, Brazil)
“The apparitions are not part of Catholic dogma and creed.” (Bishop Westrupp)

Senior canon lawyer at the Vatican revealed as sexual abuser

On the eve of the clergy abuse summit in Rome, U.S. diocese says No. 3 official at the Vatican's 'supreme court' has been 'removed from ministry' …
Hugh N. Cry
Imagine that 🧐
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle and force many many of these heretic clerics to resign and stone for their public sins

"Sexual Assault": Nasty Publicity Stunt Against Paris Nuncio

A 30-year-old employee of the city of Paris, France, accused Archbishop Luigi Ventura, 74, the Apostolic Nuncio in France, of “sexual assault”. The putative misdeed happened at a public 17 January …
So sad and so evil, to think that there is people around who will lie about a priest just for money or fame, yet for the last 10 years it has become … More
A nuncio touching a man in a public ceremony? There should be tons of recorded material.

Vatican envoy to France under investigation over sexual assault of Paris official

The Vatican's envoy to France is being investigated for sexual assault after he was accused of molesting an official at the Paris mayor's office …

Why Is Francis So Afraid of the Roman Rite?

During a February 14 audience for the participants in the plenary of the Liturgy Congregation, Pope Francis read a text about the liturgical development of the past fifty years which sounded like a …
That impious man fears and hates the True Mass.

Cardinal Burke: It Would Be “Difficult” To Deny that Benedict Has Resigned

In order to counter widespread doubts on the validity of Benedict XVI’s resignation, spoke on February 14 with Cardinal Burke. The origin of the doubts is Benedict himself. He sugges…
The bishops are subject to the pope who is their master in authority in the traditional Catholic teaching. Unfortunately, VII 'Council' amplified … More

Francis: My Gestures Look Like Those of A Drunk

Pope Francis told Jesuits in a January 26 meeting in Panama that he concelebrated once with the anti-Catholic Father Gustavo Gutiérrez, the founder of liberation theology, and with Cardinal Gerhard …
Look like a heretic quack like a we got a winner

Joliet Diocese Deletes Daniel Conlon's Heretical Comments From Website…/packed-crowd-at…
Statements like of this Bishop are very sad ,does not incourage catholics or even new converts ,the sheppard has to be sure that he believes the … More

The Vortex—Hypocrites and Heretics

Go to our website to watch thousands of hours of Catholic content. Sign up for a Premium account. Write to us! questions@churchmilitant… More
A most excellent Vortex.

"Excuse me, ma'am..."

From Facebook page: Men with Chests
Don Reto Nay
Only, they should no longer be called "mainstream" media because they aren't otherwise Trump would never have been elected.