Schönborn Claims That His Gay Friend Gery Is a Liar, Speaks “Nonsense”

After made the scandal known, Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn distanced himself from the Austrian gay propagandist Gery Keszler who credibly stated that Schönborn blessed his gay …
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Whistle Blower Archbishop Viganò Fears for His Life

Henry Sire – the author of The Dictator Pope – has confirmed on Twitter (September 18) “based on impeccable inside sources” that whistle blower Archbishop Viganò is not only in hiding, but that he …
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Pro-gay Blaise Cupich

Sexual Abuse Survivor Priest Who Burned Rainbow Flag Punished by Chicago Archdiocese

They're going after the wrong priests...
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"you have put in a transfer request to move closer to your parents and that will not happen if you do this" thats a simple leap from.."you are … More
Shame on these bishops, your time will come very soon
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Orban or not to ban: why decent people in the West support Hungary.

Most MEPs, NATO, the European Commission, George Soros, the CIA and the vast majority of the West’s MSM support the European Union in its determination to get rid of Viktor Orban and bring Hungarian …
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Left wing evil idiology ,will be punished by God ,mark my word
Don Reto Nay
I still cannot understand how quickly Hungary exchanged the Soviet Union with the "European" Union...
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Jesuit priest from pro-gay parish removed after ‘boundary violations’ with male parishioner

Jesuit priest from pro-gay parish removed after ‘boundary violations’ with male parishioner

The priest reportedly acknowledged his 'lack of good judgement.'
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How did in world in so short time we have been made slaves of this evil idiologies by a minority of people
Get rid of them all.

Dialogue 70

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #70
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Dutch Bishop Refuses to Take Part in the Youth Synod

Auxiliary Bishop Robert Mutsaerts of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, chosen by the Dutch bishops’ conference to represent them at the Youth Synod, will not attend. Mutsaerts announced on (September 19) …
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There’s always someone happily available to replace.

Bishop falls ill at San Gennaro miracle - English

Naples Archbishop Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe had a bad turn as he was officiating over the San Gennaro miracle Wednesday. Perhaps because of the heat …
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Sepe winded by S Genaro? Amazing that this man is the successor of Saints. He has been accused of financial…/prop… More
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Francis: Jesus’ Authority Comes From "Tenderness"

Pope Francis claimed in his September 18 homily that Christ’s authority came from his compassion expressed in meekness, tenderness, and closeness to the people. According to Francis …
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Jesus' openess
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Francis’ Entourage Wanted to Spare Clerical Gay Offenders – Cardinal Müller

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has revealed that some of the papal entourage [meaning: Francis himself] used to accuse him of “too much severity and a lack of mercy” when during his tenure as the prefect …
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On Those Things a President Cannot Solve

There are many issues that President Trump can solve. His first great accomplishment was solving the election. Almost all conservatives adopted a thank-God-it’s-not-Hillary approach to the Trump …
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Irish president signs 'abortion law repeal'

The Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to overturn what was effectively a blanket ban on abortion.
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Francis Smiling at Bransfield, accused of "inappropriate [gay] conduct"

US Catholic Journalist Patrick Coffin published on Twitter (September 18) a picture of Pope Francis smiling at Michael Bransfield. In September 2018, Bransfield resigned effective immediately, faced … More
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A bunch of strange fellows.
angry bob
What's next?

How humble, Francis official portrait

Portrait of His Holiness Pope Francis Oil on Canvas, 72" x 48" ( 183 cm x 122 cm ) © Igor V. Babailov
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angry bob
Unfortunately this is how a lot of Catholics see him.
Look how scared the children look!
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BREAKING: Vienna Cardinal Schönborn "Blessed" A Gay Partnership

The most notorious Austrian homosexual Gery Keszler, 55, revealed on September 4 that Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, 73, "blessed" his gay concubinage. Keszler is the founder of the Vienna Life…
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birds of a feather flock together!
How homosexuals see and present themselves


This Remnant TV Short touches on the troubling silence (where the historic stand of Archbishop Viganò is concerned) on the part of many Catholics who should know better, even many traditional … More
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Roberto Calvi — Infamous Murders / The Mafia, the Vatican and a Masonic society (2001)

The Mafia, the Vatican and a secret Masonic society have all been implicated in the murder of 'God's Banker' Roberto Calvi. In Argentina every day increase the idea that thousands millons u$s of Kirc… More
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The Ed Morrissey Show interview with Fr. Marcel Guarnizo

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo gives a unique perspective on current issues in the Catholic church with Ed Morrissey of Hot Air Blog. (beginning about min. 40)
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Marian Symposium - Mary Coredemptrix: Relevance and Remedy

Ave Maria! More info: Mary Coredemptrix: Relevance and Remedy for Our Time A Marian Symposium held at the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, WI … More
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