Light of Truth - 68

This week in the Light of Truth Fr. Luuk OP starts with answering some of the questions which came from last weeks program and then started with the reading of The Gospel According to Saint John. … More
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First Miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe

On 12th December 1531, Our Lady of Guadalupe simultaneously imprinted her image on the tilma of St Juan Diego, and he also appeared to his sick uncle, Juan Bernardino who was at home in Tulpetlac, … More
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Old Rite Priest Claims that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist

Old Rite Priest Claims that Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist The Catholic Register, owned by the Archdiocese of Toronto, published on November 30 an article about the Old Rite Priestly … More
Has this got anything to do with the fact that Abp Lefebvre said during an audio recording that he had received a note from "Paul VI" in 1988 (long … More
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Fourth O Antiphon. O Clavix David!

The 4th Part of our Gloria.Tv Retreat
Gloria Thomas
This is as a supernatural shower of the riches of clarity! All things cohere in Christ.
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Did the Vatican just cover-up for Austrian bishop implicated in financial and moral scandal?

The Vatican stopped the release of a financial audit that was said to contain 'explosive' information and be of 'criminal relevance.'
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La Guadalupana

The beautiful hymn to Our Lady of Guadalupe, sung at the conclusion of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis, this evening in St. Peter's Basilica.
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Fifth Mass-goer Has Died

Heleno Severo Alves, 84, died on November 12 after he was shot a day earlier in the Cathedral of Campinas, Brazil. A gunman had opened fire at the faithful who were assisting Mass. Police responded …
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The Council of Cardinals Shrinks

Pope Francis decided not to replace the Cardinals Pell, Errázuriz and Monsengwo who are leaving his Council of Cardinals. The Council now consists of the Cardinals Maradiaga, Bertello, Gracias, Marx,…
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Gathering Flowers with Our Lady

Relief sculpture of St Juan Diego gathering roses from Tepeyac on the morning of 12th December 1531. He was assisted by Our Lady of Guadalupe who arranges the roses in his tilma. Source: Lawrence … More
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Old Rite in Jerusalem

FSSP priest offering mass in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is built on the spots where our Blessed Lord was crucified, died, buried, and resurrected.
Beautiful picture!
Just in the "rite" place!
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“New priests to learn about global warming as part of formation”

New priests to learn about global warming as part of formation - Green - News - Catholic Online

The Church should take the lead on this issue, without political bias. In the United States, global climate change is a hot topic. Particularly among…
There is not any proof of the theory of global warming caused by human beings. at all. The guy in Rome is a total layman (not only in environmental … More
Do the will of God not the will of man ,
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Live nativity adjacent to U.S. Supreme Court

Annually for some time now, baptized Catholic turned Protestant Pastor Patrick Mahoney has worked around laws prohibiting stationary nativity scenes at the U.S. Supreme Court by presenting instead a … More
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How true!
The trouble with socialism is ,man wants to be the god
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Alexander Acha - María (In Honor of the Virgin Mary)

carlosfire76 on July 11, 2011 Alexander Acha's Song to the Virgin Mary Alexander Acha Alemán (born January 25, 1985 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal) is a Latin Grammy winning Mexican singer-songwri… More
Mary, Mary, Mary, night arrives Mary, Mary, And perverse and hungry shadows come to laugh at me. They look at me, studying me, haunting … More
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Holy See Now Officially Promotes Abortion and Contraception

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, participated on December 10 at the Marrakesh conference which agreed upon the U.N. Global Compact for Migration. Its final draft contains 23 …
alex j
Fake News? Possibly! But then we get a barrage of fake Catholic utterances from Francis. o what's new?
Could this possibly be Fake News!?
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Pope Francis has written to Cardinals George Pell, Javier Errázuriz and Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, thanking them for their 5-year service on theCouncil of Cardinals on Church reform. There are … More

Briefing del Direttore della Sala Stampa, Greg Burke, sulla XXVII riunione dei Cardinali Consiglier…

Briefing del Direttore della Sala Stampa, Greg Burke, sulla XXVII riunione dei Cardinali Consiglieri con il Santo Padre Francesco, 12.12.2018 Alle …
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There Is High Percentage Of Gay Priests In Pope Francis’ Argentinia – Archbishop

“I can assure you that, in some dioceses, the percentage of homosexual priests is high", retired La Plata Archbishop Héctor Aguer, 75, said during a reflexion aired by TV Canal 9 (December 8). Homo…
once in awhile a good will clergy comes out courageously and speaks up the truth .thank you
Gesù è con noi
“Someone who lived practicing the vice of sodomy will suffer more pains in Hell than anyone else, because this is the worst sin” Saint Bernardine of … More
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Chastity Advice that Actually Works

Jackie and Bobby offer advice on how to practically live out the virtue of chastity. There's a big difference between talking about chastity and living chastely. If you've made the commitment, but … More
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli : Your comment is not without merit.
Yes, it is to be taken very seriously....
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More Details on the Secret Conviction of Innocent Cardinal Pell

The bogus conviction of Cardinal George Pell on December 11 – reported yesterday - was based on an unanimous verdict of the jury, writes the anti-Church (December 12). The …
So here we are, they tried for years just to pin him on knowing something about some sicko wolf in sheep's clothing, but couldn't there wasn't even … More
Dangerous business to be a target of homosexual freemasons in high positions.
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la pelicula completa de esta version plisss!!!
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