Al-Qaeda in Syria: THE evidence

The ultimate evidence that President Barack Obama and Socialist French President François Hollande want to fight for Al-Qaeda in Syria...
We always remember what happened in Iraq. Unfortunately, Iraq is still in a bloody nightmare. we have to help
Jésus est Dieu
Syrian Christians targeted by outsiders, says bishop Christians in Syria are continuing to be targeted by outside fundamentalist groups who have … More
78 Nearly Doubled Its Visitors in One Year

With your unfailing help, managed to nearly double its monthly unique visitors in 2018. In autumn 2017 we registered each month around 2,5 million unique visitors, in autumn 2018 they were …

Dancing is no liturgy

Video from Facebook without further information (date, location).

...for calling me and 17.4 million people 'extremists'

Owen Paterson calls on Philip Hammond to resign: "The person who should go frankly is the Chancellor for calling me and 17.4 million people 'extremists'!"

Advertising the Rich: Francis Get Himself Entangled in Contradictions

Pope Francis said during a December 8 "surprise" visit to the headquarters of the controversial Roman daily Il Messaggero that he gets “much of his information” from this paper. He added that he read…

Francis’ Partisans Defend Cardinal Pell, Even His Enemies Admit Innocence

Pope Francis’ biographer Austin Ivereigh, 52, has defended Cardinal Pell and criticised his iniquitous conviction. Ivereigh writes on Twitter (December 13) that he knows many [heterodox] Australian …

What Really Makes Music Good or Bad?

Watch the entire talk here: Mr. Philip Calder, musician and composer, explains what really makes music good or bad. His presentation, based on Saint Thomas Aquinas and Prof.… More
SO cute!
Dr Taylor Marshall gives evidence that Jesus Christ REALLY WAS born on Christmas Day......outstanding scholar.…/yes-christ-was-… More

LA archdiocese to file criminal complaint against nuns accused of embezzling cash for gambling …

Sisters Mary Kreuper and Lana Chang allegedly took money from the school where they worked, and spent it travelling to Vegas and gambling in casinos.
Any "Religious Sister" who dresses in secular fashions has insufficient commitment in her soul to her "chosen Bridegroom". The Nuns "Bridal" habit … More
Holy Cannoli
In some settings outward identification makes members of religious orders less approachable, thus hindering rather than furthering the proclamation … More
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Researchers have "discovered evidence" that Sodom and Gomorrah was actually wiped off the face of the earth by a meteor strike so intense that the heat from it actually turned clay pottery into glass

Archeologists: Sodom and Gomorrah literally destroyed by fire and brimstone falling from the sky

There is evidence for 'signs of a highly destructive concussive and thermal event that one might expect from what is described in Genesis 19.'
I think that those who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah would be shocked at our world today. We are far worse.
Its amazing that most governments on earth are pushing for sodomy {sin } to be accepted by everyone or other wise , you can even be charged for … More

Fourth O Antiphon. O Clavix David!

The 4th Part of our Gloria.Tv Retreat
Gloria Thomas
This is as a supernatural shower of the riches of clarity! All things cohere in Christ.

God Created Them Man and Woman. The Church of England Knew Better

God created them man and woman. The Church of England knew better. Thomson Reuters : Transgender members of the 85-million-strong Anglican faith …
Jesus come quickly ,and clean our mess