Woman Claims Cardinal Impregnated Her

Jenny Michelle Pimentel Molina, 48, told Univisión that for 18 years she was involved in a romantic relation with retired Santo Domingo Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, 81. She felt “deep …
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Banalisation: Francis Celebrates Self-Made Marriage

Pope Francis has celebrated a spontaneous wedding for the Uruguayan couple Noelia Franco and Omar Caballero who have been cohabiting for 24 years. The ceremony took place during a private audience …
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Obvious destruction of Sacraments and visible Church in this anti-Benedictine XVI pontificate. What is more dangerous is the passivity of the … More

A walk through Walsingham with Joseph Pearce

EWTN on Aug 1, 2018 SUBSCRIBE 427 Kevin Turley and Joseph Pearce take a walk through Walsingham and discuss the spiritual and literary history of Catholic England. More
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St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis
we were on pilgrimage to Walsingham last weekend
Wayside Shrine Maker We really need to know more about Catholic England...

Holy House Replica in Walsingham

"And there at Walsingham in this little house shall be held in remembrance the great joy of my salutation when St Gabriel told me I should through humility become the mother of God's Son”. This … More
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Very well written letter by Ralph Martin about CRISIS in the Church.

Dear Troubled Catholics - A Letter from Ralph Martin About the Current Crisis

I have never seen so many "ordinary Catholics"-who usually never follow or hear about Church news-as deeply troubled as I have seen them in response …
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My claim to fame: I bound his doctoral dissertation.
Thanks for sharing this.

Former priest pleads not guilty to abuse charges in NM after extradition

.- A former priest is back in the United States after he fled to Morocco in 1992 to escape accusations of sexual abuse. Arthur Perrault, 80, is accus…
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Give discredit where it is due. No one is excusing this but sacrilegious communion in the hand while standing had it's beginning in disobedience in … More
This is horrible! Lord have mercy!

Blessed Herman of Reichenau - September 25

Herman was born into royalty, the son of a duke of Altshausen. From birth, it was apparent that he would be horribly crippled and disfigured, earning him the less-than-pleasant name of “Hermannus … More
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Must read on the Vatican/Beijing betrayal.

Opinion | China’s Worst Western Import

If Christianity is suspect because of its European roots, what about Marxism?
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You have have never begun to love anything until you have begun to fear for it.
@Tesa irritatingly can’t follow the link and read the full article without subscription. In my opinion the worst western import by China was … More

Dutch Bishops: “The Time For Apologising Is Over”

Daphne De Roosendaal, a spokeswoman for the Dutch bishops, has criticised recent hysteria reports on "abuses" in the Netherlands after an oligarch outlet recycled old abuse cases in order to falsely …
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All those homo-heretical seminary presidents need to be dismissed. The problem is that Frank, who owes his office to homo-heretics and at least one … More
De Profundis
“There is no sinner in the world, however much at enmity with God, who cannot recover God’s grace by recourse to Mary, and by asking her assistance.”… More

Francis Blocked Investigation of Abuse Claims Against [Liberal] Cardinal

Pope Francis ordered Cardinal Müller in 2013 to stop investigating allegations against Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor (+2017). Marco Tosatti wrote this on September 24 referring to “…
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Children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.
De Profundis
Murphy-O'Connor was told by a psychiatrist that Fr Michael Hill identified as a homosexual & that he did not see this as 'abnormal'. In later life … More

Saint Pacificus - September 24

breski1 Pacifico was born into a distinguished family in San Severino in the Marche of Ancona in central Italy. After joining the Friars Minor, he was ordained and taught philosophy for two years … More
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Child's development from fertilization to birth

LIFE begins at the moment of fertilization — it's a fact of science! Pass this along to share the humanity of the preborn.
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George Weigel: "it is impossible to imagine that any candidate proposed by the Chinese authorities at the local level will not have been thoroughly vetted for reliability as a Communist puppet."

Another Vatican Diplomatic Blunder | National Review

The lesson of this debacle that paper promises mean nothing to totalitarians has not been learned in the Vatican.
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@De Profundis George Weigel seems nostalgic for JP2, but although wholly neo-con in foreign policy thinking, his writing is useful, and the Ostpolit… More
De Profundis
@Prayhard - Concedo totum. And also disagree on Weigel's position concerning Russia.
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Francis: "Differences" With Protestants Are Not "Divisions"

Pope Francis addressed an ecumenical prayer meeting in the cathedral of Riga, Latvia, during his Apostolic Visit to the Baltic states on September 24. According to, he asked his audie…
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De Profundis
Francis in Riga's Lutheran cathedral says Christians cannot let their faith become "a curio from the past, a tourist attraction, a museum piece."
Oh yes, there is a great divide between heretics and Catholics. The so-called pope is merely misinformed.
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Bishop Schneider Criticises Pius X's and Pius XII's Liturgical Revolutions

Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider has criticised two liturgical “revolutions” which preceded Paul VI's 1970 disastrous Novus Ordo reform. Talking to (September 21), Schneider …
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FYI to Prayhard: Annibale Bugnini did not exercise any influence on the Reformed Holy Week Rites as proven by the diaries of Cardinal Antonelli (cf. … More
Have to disagree. The difficulty is when one is looking at past reforms through the eyes of what happened in the Novus Ordo Missae. However, the … More