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Bombshell: “Rossi had an affair with Matthew Riedlinger,” says a Church insider. "I’m told that Rossi, despite all of this jaw-dropping squalor, despite his status as a Mafioso for the criminal … More

Monsignor Rossi, Wuerl’s Gay Mafioso at the Basilica

The other day I received a call from a former Catholic University of America student who recounted episodes of sexual harassment that he suffered at …
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This is quite an article of unquestionable details, and proof of why the faithful must persevere to pray and act...and not stop until the full truth … More
I as Christians demand that all gay and pedophile priests, monks, bishops or cardinals / practiced or non-practiced / suspended and liberated from … More
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Abuse Hysteria: Young Priest Commits Suicide

Father Jean-Baptiste Sèbe, 38, a priest of the Rouen Archdiocese, France, committed suicide on September 18 after he was accused of sexual misdemeanour against an adult woman, three years ago. …
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Cardinal: Parolin Should Quit Over “Incredible Betrayal”

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, 86, called for the Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to step down, because he is responsible for an imminent Vatican deal with the Chinese regime, the South …
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De Profundis
“There is no need to be drastic in condemning and rejecting,” Parolin told reporters on the sidelines of a book presentation at the Vatican on Thurs… More

Retired bishop from Green Bay diocese withdraws from public ministry

After this, media can bring down any bishop. Don't side with the enemy. “I failed to report to local authorities an incident of abuse of a minor by a priest in 1979 and, as a result, this priest … More
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Don't side with German magazine "Der Spiegel" against Francis

Cover story (19 pages) of the Church-hating "Spiegel": "The silence of the shepherds: Pope Francis promised on inauguration a renewed, open-minded Catholicism - five and a half years & many cases of … More
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Bishop's Level At New Low - Attacking Michael Vorris


Bishop Rick Stika calls on confessed sins.
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Michael Vorris answers on Twitter: "Tell me throwing someone’s repented sins in face IN PUBLIC is Christ like. You and your whole “fake mercy” gang … More
Bishop, learn to be less rigid and more liberal and less judgemental.
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Foundations of Modernism ~ Fr Nolan

What is modernism? Fr quotes from condemned statements from Pope St Pius X on it. For more please visit…/scandal_in_the_… & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest The website… More
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Man Eats Our Flyer Against Socialism

TFP volunteers traveled to Gettysburg College to alert students about the dangers of socialism and distribute flyers, 10 Reasons to Reject Socialism. A large banner quoting Sir Winston Churchill was … More
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@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis How? He could of made peace with Germany and there would of been no WW2. Instead he went to war with them just as … More
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Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput published on (September 21) the criticism of an anonymous, respected North American theologian about the working document of the upcoming Youth … More

Thoughts on the Instrumentum Laboris | Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

An enumeration of principal theological difficulties in the Instrumentum Laboris.
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If Vigano is telling the truth, Pope Francis said he doesn’t want bishops “like bishop of Philadelphia” (Chaput). Chaput is now emboldened to call … More
Dr Bobus
. . . about the working document of the upcoming Youth Synod, “In short, we would become Lutherans.” Liturgically, we already are Lutherans . More
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"I tried to create a situation completely clear that there is only one Pope”


Papa Emeritus Benedict XVI, "I have tried to create a situation in which I am absolutely inaccessible to the media and in which it is completely clear that there is only one Pope.”
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Maybe pope Francis will resign soon and then we, will have 3 popes 2 emeritus
He tried yet failed. Confusion prevails.

Francis Handpicked Delegate Cardinal Tobin Will not Attend Vatican Youth Synod

The Archbishop of Newark, Cardinal Joseph Tobin, has announced that he will not attend the October Synod on Youth amid the U.S. Church’s abuse crisis: “This Synod is a uniquely important moment in …
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It is a possibility at the Synod to introduce new language on gay relationships. Something like “differently ordered” rather than the Catechism’s … More
De Profundis
How fast [Dubia should check their mail service] Tobin: “I wrote to Pope Francis ... [t]he Holy Father responded the next day.” More
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Former Benedict XVI Still Imparts “Apostolic Blessing” [While Francis Refuses to Do So]

Former Benedict XVI concluded his second November 2017 letter to Cardinal Brandmüller with the words: “with my Apostolic Blessing, yours Benedict XVI.” The pro-Francis Twitter user "Pope news" poin…
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God wrights ,straight within crooked lines ,God please correct the church

Benedict XVI's Full Letter of Justification Published

The German oligarch tabloid published on September 21 a facsimile of the two letters of justification, former Benedict XVI wrote in November 2017 to Cardinal Brandmüller. In the first letter…
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Cardinal Hummes: Church [Allegedly] Needs "New Models" of Ordained Ministers

Pro-gay Brazilian Cardinal Cláudio Hummes, 84, expects from the Pan-Amazon Synod of Bishops (2019) a discussion on Church ministries and celibacy although the Synod is officially supposed to deal …
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is it possible that there was an agreement to share the papacy ?
If this Cardinal does not know yet if Christ would oppose same sex marriage , He should resign and stop saying heresies and deceiving people
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World Over - 2018-09-20 – Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo

CARRIE SEVERINO, general counsel for the Judicial Crisis Network joins us with analysis of the latest developments in the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and how the recent allegations of … More
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The Chequers deal does not work. It does not deliver Brexit.

Jacob Rees-Mogg on Twitter: "The Chequers deal does not work. It does not deliver Brexit."
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Great Analysis found on Facebook: The problem with the Brexit negotiations is that the interests of the EU as an institution do not coincide with … More
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Bono you are just not relevant anymore. Maybe you should concentrate on songwriting (not that I would buy any U2 music). Just go away!
Ha ha ha....hilarious. Well done for finding it. All these fools are so full of it. Purveyors of the finest bovine excrement.
6 1 7.7K Removes Report: Secret Pell Trial Must be Kept Secret

On September 20, under this URL a [truthful] piece of news about the ungoing secret mock trial against Cardinal George Pell was published. The news were based on first hand information. On Septemb…
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paul grech
The court in the State of Victoria, Australia does NOT have any jurisdiction beyond the geographical boundaries of that State. Clearly the court … More
Have it back on I say. And tell these Australians to go to hell. They can’t do any more harm to Cardinal Pell than what they have already. In any … More
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Don Reto Nay
And: Batman for Pope!
Don Reto Nay
Sounds like a reasonable advice.