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Well, I'm no Francis defender, but one thing is to act with force, but with justice, and other thing, completly diferent, is to act violently, unjustly use of force. When the police catches a thug, it uses no violence, the violence comes from the felon... And so on. Of course, Francis, to my recolection, makes no distinctions... Well, I wouldn't make noise over this, it would sound as if someone … More
Francis is a true modernist; What he said can be understood in the real Catholic sense or in an anti-Christ sense. That's exactly how a good modernist speaks.
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"Francisssssss wassssss missssssunderssssssstood. Did he really ssssssssssay ALL violent actssssssssss?"
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What a dare you..
I agree what previous Popes have said
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@tearlach "If a future Pope teaches anything contrary to the Catholic Faith do not follow him" -Pope Pius IX
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Yes, that is correct, if the Pope says what it's written in that cartoon. Who in the entire wold says that Pope Francis said that Jesus offended God the Father?

Pope Francis has never said that, ever. But if someone claims he did, that's the devil. People should start praying more and judging less, who in the world told them to go against our Pope? a person who criticizes and judges a priest or … More