Peace bewteen us , in every Faith without loosing your own

amni_jane 4
Is there no room for the deep and difficult message of tolerance between our varying beliefs and the "outside world" ? There is a tiny crisis growing in nature and the human soul which potentially … More
alex j
Christ spoke thus....."One Faith, One Fold One Shepherd" "Who is not with me, is against me."
besides the church is changing have you not read the mandates of our current Pope?
Sad that we cannot have more tolerance in our beliefs as Catholics, did not God make all of humankind and all of creation, who made you the policeman for Him. Practice tolerance, it is more noble than condemnation and name calling.
amni_jane You have been admonished a few times for heretical views and doctrinal errors. Yet still remain pertinacious. There is only one true Catholic faith revealed in public Revelation by Triune God. The rest are human made or demonic inspired subjective beliefs. The Holy Spirit (third Person of Holy Trinity) was prefigured in Old Testament and fulfilled by the coming of the "new law," the More