If Bill Gates was a “Radical Catholic”

Bill Gates has a net worth of 97 billion dollars. If Bill Gates was a radical Catholic, in the sense that he had a burning desire to correct or make better the Roman Catholic Church. He and his …More
Bill Gates has a net worth of 97 billion dollars.

If Bill Gates was a radical Catholic, in the sense that he had a burning desire to correct or make better the Roman Catholic Church. He and his money, if invested the right way, could bring drastic change to the Vatican.

For example, Mr. Gates can start an organization that would arm lay people with Canon lawyers upon thier request. In other words, any catholic can have the ability to hire a canon lawyer if he or she felt that the local priest or bishop was attacking thier Faith or soul. This organization would be free of charge for all Catholics and would give people the ability to be heard or challenge local church authority in court.

The Vatican 2 and all of its errors have opened the doors for evil individuals to take our money and water down the faith. For this reason, 2019 is filled with Lukewarm Catholics that do not have the “passion to know the truth” so most of these demons dressed up as bishops and priests get away with the most ridiculous things. The truth about the Catholic Faith, is the rules and laws of the church have been set in stone a long time ago and nothing can change the church teaching on dogmas. Not even the pope can change dogmas.

The pope is not infallible and is just a pastor. In other words, he is the head Pastor of all the pastors. The only thing that is fallible is the church teaching put in place a long time ago and cannot be changed by anyone!!!

Catholics would be able to arm themselves with Canon lawyer and take to court thier local bishop or priest who is trying to teach heresy. Could you imagine how much change this would bring? For example, try to image a priest in his local parish and all of his church members have access to the Gates foundation, to bring down heavy lawsuits against him if he tries to do or say something wrong or against church teaching. The days of confusion would be over for Catholics, they would have the ability to weed out the snakes in a court room. This movement would ultimately head towards the Vatican and Take out the false profits.

The days of begging priests and bishops to change thier ways would end. Church authorities would be warned once, then immediately taken to court by church members...
Gates is not Catholic at all. Never was.
The post states “if “ he was catholic
What you wrote is not clear. You used quotation marks around radical Catholic which implies that he is Catholic, but not a radical Catholic, and that if he was a radical Catholic he would act differently.
i dont think he is even catholic,we dont need more money ,in the church, what we need is holly sheppards that love the Truth
You did not get the point.
Put the money in church members hands, so we can hire a canon lawyers and sue the pants off crooked priests...
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I tell you this, money may not solve the churches problem, but sure can put a squeeze on the church financially. Remember it’s our money that keeps them running. If we stop paying them and demand some answers....
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The problems in the Church cannot be solved with money.
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Canon lawyers can pack a punch, a lawsuit can destroy a wicked person financially take them out of a position.
Most canon lawyers do little except work on the marriage tribunal--and perhaps advise a bishop now and then. In order to have a case in the Roman court, a canon lawyer must first qualify--and that includes fluency in Latin.
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Instead he is an anti-Catholic like his wife who claims she is Catholic. They fund and peddle contraception and abortion all over the world. They serve the devil.
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