Too close for two men

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Cardinal Tagle of Manila and (papal ghost-writer) Antonio Spadaro SJ

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One notices the bottles of presumed high spirits in the background and when you look at the eyes of the person on the left as well as his smile, they are eyes and smiles of a drunken person which in no way invalidates the messages previously stated.
Holy Cannoli
On March 21, 2014, Pope Francis visited St. Gregory VII parish in Rome, just outside the Vatican, he held hands with Fr. Luigi Ciotti and they shared an embrace. The official goal of the visit was to pay homage to victims of the Mafia at a meeting that included prayers and speeches. Ciotti is the founder of Libera, an organization to combat the wrongdoings of the Mafia.

However, Ciotti is … More
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If they "posed" than it possibly,probably and feasibly could be argued they wanted to catch the attention of Hollywood California
On the other hand if they were acting according to what is "natural" than "who am
I to say"?
Real men wouldn't pose like that . Girlie men would
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