James Martin, Jesus is a sinner

DefendTruth 6 1
James Martin has no idea of whom Jesus Christ is. He is inspired by Lucifer himself.
Transgender people mock God. He, in His infinite Divine Wisdom "Created them, Male and Female Both" and it is the Devil, or Serpent, Mr Martin whom like yourself gives them permission to act on their OWN whims. I call you what you ARE Mr Martin. Christ's Church is the Garden of Eden who have been given rules and … More
alex j
@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis I'm sure you must be thinking of an APE! Like all homo's, their 'apeing' normal hetrosexual behavoiur.
Judas Martin!
I wish that fag would just go away. He is obsessed with sodomy.
Jim Dorchak
I think he is confused.
Extermination in Germany of the 16 MM survivors... and because of Saint John and Saint Matthew Gospels. The history according to a talmudic jew in a nut shell... Goooood, James Martin, goooooooooodd!!!!!