Ireland! Don't follow England

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.(first trimester, 9 week abortion)

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This picture saddened my heart so deeply. God have mercy on these poor babies.
Anne T.
My country is a so called christian coutnry too but there are thousands of baby embryo are killed each year... During the communist system 5-6 -7 million were destroyed...-a complete little Nation was put to death. Hard to say any words :- (
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Joseph a' Christian
@Jungerheld I prayed for you, i hope our Lord Jesus blesses you for your good work.
As you know well, our Holy Lord proclaimed that we are the light of the world, you are shining your light upon extreme cruelty.
Christ the King bless you.
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Beautiful response, @Joseph a' Christian. What a great point that destroying a mercedes benz would be the action of an insane person!
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Joseph a' Christian
No sane person would purposely destroy a new mercedes benz. Yet humans are 1000's of times more complex. Humans are so incredibly complex, that for thousands of years, there has not been one single person to come close to fully understanding himself: the wonders of our brains, involuntary healing of wounds...
Almighty God is an amazing creator. My Lord Jesus, i love thee.
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