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At U're service, Sir. Here U are > Spinach, 4 well placed strokes :D :D :D
Potrzebujemy twojej pomocy. Modlitwa i (po)datek dla
- podpisano założyciel Don Rety
*Osoby z Polski zwolnione z racji życia w biegu i niskich zarobków.
Sunamis 46: I still haven't sent you a postcard. I am bad - or worse. I shall repent. A donation to will help me with it.
And a question to Glorianers: when was it the last time you went on the graveyard with holy water?
Ah, now everything seems clear to me. The hairstyle of the Don is the cause of that rather small donation input.
I don't like this because it is ugly (only Popeye is fun) anyway we can fund and pray