Have a Happy and Blessed Birthday Dear Father Reto Nay !

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1 January 2019
There is more to talk about
about false science and the big lies
I talk about a dozen Biggest Lies ever in Polish section of
Let me show you few of them in random list
Just imagine
- Heliocentric theory - completely false! Bible is 100% right about world's creation, Firmament above Earth, Heaven above Firmament, Hell below surface I recommend Rob Skiba on Youtube
- official 9-11 2001 … More
Don Reto Nay

I Thank God for you being on this platform, your teaching is like sparks of new Holy Fires.
We all here are growing in wisdom in the Time of Chaos in Catholic Church
I don't know how would we get wisdom and consciousness of the New Religion in Vatican, about false priests and bishops who do not protect the sheep?
Teachings of Jesus are simple
Good Sheppard and his flock
Don Reto Nay
Thank you very much! I also wish you a blessed New Year.
Tina 13
@Don Reto Nay Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Gottes Segen, Gesundheit und alles Liebe.