America: To Pray or Not to Pray

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~by David Barton More
Holy Cannoli
Does correlation imply causation? Does the omission of prayer cause a decline in the things we don’t want to decline and an increase in those things we don’t want to increase? Or is the omission of prayer in schools a symptom of a much broader issue that impacts all of the variables listed and many more as well?

A classic example is that there were several reasons for the fall of the Roman Empir… More
Of course youre right. I would say a decrease in prayer is not the cause. That a society gets to the point of even suggesting such a "law" indicates a disintegration already well advanced. "If" [Christian] prayer were reintroduced these rates would decline, right? (This meme might not even be accurate. Perhaps you've seen one of my favorites: "Don't believe everything you read on the internet." … More
Holy Cannoli
"If" [Christian] prayer were reintroduced these rates would decline, right?

If prayer were reintroduced in classrooms it would necessarily include other changes in society that would accompany or precede the move for prayer in schools. We as a society would become less secular, less materialistic, less worldly etc. These changes would take place in our own lives and in mass media (TV, … More